• Cleansers
    • Camellia Rose (CR) ananassa shea beauty bar
    • CR calendula shea creamy cleanser
    • CR coconut cream & shea beauty bar
    • CR green tea shea beauty bar
    • CR green tea shea cleanser
    • CR goat’s milk mango beauty bar
    • Garden of Wisdom (GoW) heather blossom cleanser
    • GoW jen’s green tea/shea cleanser
    • GoW orange castille cleanser
    • GoW pumpkin enzyme mask/cleanser
    • GoW simply clean tea tree cleanser
    • GoW skin friendly cleanser + creamy cleanser
    • GoW takrai lemongrass cleanser
    • GoW white castor/castille cleanser
  • Moisturizers
    • CR nilotica synergy
    • CR antioxidant cream
    • CR coco neem shea cream
    • CR stay the day moisturizer
    • GoW apricot kernel oil
    • GoW blue mallow HA
    • GoW broccoli seed oil
    • GoW calendula infusion oil
    • GoW immortelle HA
    • GoW pomegranate oil
    • GoW pure HA
    • GoW red rooibos HA
    • GoW scar cream
    • GoW veggie base cream with azulene and german chamomile
    • GoW watermelon oil
    • GoW waxless base cream
    • GoW white peony HA
  • Antioxidants
    • GoW BLT-RC serum
    • GoW marityme gel
    • GoW r-ALA serum
    • GoW supercharged B5 antioxidant gel
    • homemade vitamin C serum
  • Eye creams
    • Avalon Organics CoQ10 wrinkle defense serum
    • GoW go away circles with haloxyl
    • PSF phyto-lift cranberry eye gel
  • Suncreen
    • Banana Boat sun wear faces, oil free SPF 30
    • Devita solar protective moisturizer 30
  • Treatments
    • CR clear skin serum
    • GoW AHA tonic 2%  pH 1.9
    • GoW AHA tonic gel 10%
    • GoW banana healing serum
    • GoW BHA tonic
    • GoW coconut cream
    • GoW majik anti pop up blemish gel
    • GoW mandelic acid
    • GoW manuka honey
    • GoW oat beta glucans
    • GoW rosacea serum
    • Skincare Central – Skin Beautiful salicylic acid exfoliator 5%
  • Toners
    • GoW basil hydrosol
    • GoW chamomile german hydrosol
    • GoW cranberry hydrating mist
    • GoW cucumber hydrating mist
    • GoW cypress hydrosol
    • GoW immortelle hydrosol
    • GoW lemongrass hydrosol
    • GoW orange blossom hydrosol
    • GoW pomegranate hydrating mist
    • GoW rose geranium hydrosol
    • Homemade ACV toner


  • creme of nature (red)
  • jessicurl gentle lather shampoo
  • nexxus aloe rid


  • VO5 conditioners


  • aubrey organics honeysuckle rose
  • curls coconut sublime
  • devacare one c (old formula)
  • devacurl one c (old formula)
  • elucence moisture balancing conditioner
  • generic value product biolage conditioning balm
  • kbb hair milk
  • la coupe silky smoothing
  • nature’s gate organics asian pear and red tea
  • nature’s gate organics rose and persimmon
  • oyin honey hemp
  • walgreens the professional detangling

Leave in:

  • abba pure gentle conditioner
  • donna marie miracurl detangler
  • fruit of the earth aloe vera gel
  • giovanni direct
  • GoW healthy hair serum
  • GoW veggie hair serum
  • healthy sexy hair pumpkin potion
  • kbb hair nectar
  • kbb super silky
  • sheamoisture
  • theraneem leaf & aloe gel
  • zerran equalizer


  • komaza coconut hair pudding
  • white boots curling creme

Frizz fighters:

  • ky jelly as a poor curly’s version of ck


  • aquage molding mega gel
  • ARTEC textureline volume gel
  • aura flaxseed aloe sculpting
  • aussie aussome volume
  • biolage sculpting jelly
  • BotticelliBabe’s flaxseed gel
  • chi infra gel
  • curl junkie aloe fix gel
  • curl junkie smoothing gellie
  • donna marie honey and aloe curling jelly
  • ecostyler krystal gel
  • homemade flaxseed gel
  • kinky curly curling custard
  • la looks wet look
  • loma achieve
  • max green alchemy sculpting
  • mop top anti-frizz
  • paul brown hawaii gelatine goo
  • sally’s beyond the zone spike it


  • curls’ goddess & princess glazes
  • hask pure shine spray it curly
  • loreal tightly wound spray gel
  • lush the big tease gel
  • suave healthy curls spray gel


  • acv rinses
  • honey
  • seamollient

Deep Treatment:

  • curl junkie curl rehab
  • jessicurl weekly deep treatment

3 Responses to “Product Hits”

  1. Katherine Says:

    p.s. I have shipped in very small pump bottles of spray before— as long as they are small enough to not “slosh” noticeably. The postal system is scared of obvious liquids- like the airlines are- because some bombs are made from liquids.

  2. Katherine Says:

    (whoops! so sorry!!! I am resubmitting because I forgot to tick the box that says “notify me of follow up comments via email” the first time!)

    Great blog! I wonder if you could recommend a few products to me? In order of priority, because I have to have them shipped to me in Bali (!) Also, things that are not aerosol and not really liquid-y are the only things I can have mailed here to me.

    My hair is a bit naturally way and not at all frizzy, even though I live in the tropics. It’s also on the thin, fine side (not terribly so, than goodness) and I need to do everything humanly possible to get volume, especially at the roots. I guess since I color my hair, I seem to only get a “crazy lady” or “finger-in-the-electrical-socket” effects from the diffuser, so I am stuck with drip dry styles.

    It is not curly enough to pull off a light gel; it wont go into actual curls like yours will. Anything stiff doesn’t work. I need lift, body and wave. My hair is cut straight at chin length. Layers make me look like a schoolteacher; they are out. A perm is out for the same reason and also because we don’t have well-trained hair stylists here.

    Help! I’d be so grateful!

    Katherine in Bali

    1. Ivy Says:

      Hi Katherine! My hair is on the medium side so the products that work for me may not work for your hair type. First off, I’d recommend checking out to learn about caring for your hair as well as possibly finding other fine-haired wavies; check out their threads and possibly private message (PM) them to find out what they use.

      That being said, since you don’t like anything stiff (although the stiffness of gel can be scrunched out), I would recommend mousse. I’ve never been able to get mousse to work for me, but those with thinner strands seem to love it. Diffusing should also help with creating volume. How are you diffusing? There’s a method on called pixie curling that helps create volume and decrease frizz. It’s linked in my “Hair Care” page here: You can run a search at to find out more info if you’d like.

      A cost effective way of sampling products that are popular is contacting kathymack via a PM ( The samples she is offering are found on her fotki here:

      I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help recommending products. The items in my “Product Hits” page are definitely items I would repurchase and would recommend to anyone but what can work for me may not work for you and vice versa.

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