Creative title. Yes, I’ve been pretty bad with the updates but there’s a bit of a lull at work now so I thought to update.

Again, there aren’t any pictures and my descriptions are brief but I just haven’t found the time.

Two weeks ago I decided that AOHR was too heavy for the mild temps we’ve been having here in SoCal so I broke open my bottle of devacare one c. The texture is nice and creamy and it smells (to me) like orangesicles. In the shower, I was surprised that small amounts help detangle like a dream and provide the right amount of moisture for me upon rinsing out. That being said, I probably won’t repurchase as I’m none too fond of DevaCurl’s practices as evidenced in Jillipoo’s blog and the forums nor am I fond of the brushing off  Miss Massey gave. I would think it extremely unprofessional, if not illegal by FDA standards, to mislabel products just to save some cash/trees by printing new ones. Not only that, but if your products and philosophy helped to “revolutionize” the curly hair industry, wouldn’t you think it incumbent upon you to ensure that you aren’t misleading nor alienating your customers?

The past few days I’ve been dealing with less than stellar hair due to a run in with a GOD AWFUL gel by the name of got2b spiked up. Not only does it smell like embalming fluid but its ingredients probably match: Aqua Water , VP/VA Copolymer , Glycerin , PVP , Carbomer , Oleth-20 , Aminomethyl Propanol , Panthenol , Benzophenone-4 , Disodiium EDTA , DMDM Hydantoin , Parfum Fragrance , Butylphenyl Methylpropional , Linalool , Hexyl Cinnamal , CI 42090 Blue 1. Absolutley NOTHING natural in here except for the water and glycerin which, heck, you can find in a ton of other gels. I only used it twice and just had to chuck it; I wouldn’t even let my SO try to use it up it was that horrendous. Since then, my hair has been stringy and frizzy so I’ve been toying with some of my natural product samples from kathymack in hopes of returning my hair to its normal state.

In line with the title of my post, I’m pretty much copying and pasting product combinations and results from my Outlook notes albeit with a little bit of spackle to hide the bare bones of it all.

04/22-vo5/devacare one c/afroveda custard/giovanni+spike it: pretty good definition; amazing ripples (rather than waves!) up to the crown; good hold but there was frizz by COB.

04/23-vo5/devacare one c/afroevda pur whipped gelly+curly custard/spike it+its a curl moisturizer scrunched in: good definition but with a bit of frizz, good ripples but not like yesterday

04/24-alaffia shea buetter and honey nourishing shampoo/devacare/zerran combed in/aussie sun touched+giovanni la: my waves were thin and fell apart my midday; however, there was a decent amount of volume unfortunately coupled with frizz

04/25-cowash/devacare/afroveda custard+gelly/aussie sun touched+giovanni la: not much wave boosting, decent amount of hold, my hair felt rough and a bit coated and greasy at the roots

04/27-honey almond poo bar/acv rinse/kbb milk/komaza custard/garnier fructis curl spray gel: no hold nor clumping, my hair repelled itself; I would never repurchase this gel

04/28- cowash/devacare/afroveda custard+zerran li over/gf spray gel+nexxus phyto creative sculpting putty: definitely do not like gf gel, however, the definition wasn’t too bad and there wasn’t any frizz, good amount of hold and crunch although my hair looked a little weighed down. The creative gel was light and absorbed well

04/29-co poo with alaffia shea & honey shanpoo+vo5/devacare/zerran/komaza/ remainder of giovanni and nexxus phyto creative: good crunch & hold, no frizz, good definition but flat midway up to crown with good waves at the bottom half, the hold diminshed by 2 pm with increased frizz

04/30-shampoo bar/acv/aloeba/afrodetangler li/loma achieve/used sheam to sotc-liked how achieve isn’t sticky, detangler pretty fluid,  good hold and crunch but experienced stringy waves, not much frizz, good definition

05/01-cowash/qhemet ghee/afrodetangler/komaza/got2b spike it: ugly, stringy, no boosting, hair repelled itself, mediocre hold, limp waves.

05/02-cowash/aloeba/afroveda/got2b spike it: frizzy, dry hair with no definition & boosting, bad hair day, god awful gel, dry hair that felt like a wig, gel completely laden w chemicals

05/04-aloe rid/wdt/ohm shp/ohm aloe: stringy, frizzy, not much definition, feel like wdt isn’t working on my hair, not much hold but incredibly soft hair.


I have been pretty remiss with my blog as of late save for the Curls Like Us towel giveaway. After returning from my mini-vacation to San Diego, I had to deal with settling into my program’s new office space and catching up on work. Also, my SO just purchased a PlayStation 3 so he and I have been relaxing after work by kicking some ass on Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

My updates are a bit brief since I’ve just been using my blackberry in the interim to take notes on how my hair reacted to the day’s product combination.

VO5 cowash/oyin handmade honey hemp rinse out and leave in/kccc mixed with a little Sebastian hi contrast gel for hold: I used this combination throughout my stay in San Diego and I was pretty pleased. The honey hemp leave in provided a good base for the kccc and the mixture underneath the hi contrast gel gave me enough moisture but didn’t compromise the extreme hold of the Sebastian gel. I’d have to say that the hi contrast is a suitable substitute for another hard holding gel that’s often discussed on the forums: BRHG.

When I returned from my vacation, I toyed with KMS cranberry pepper gel by mixing it in with kccc and even using my beloved custard didn’t redeem the KMS gel.

My sample of aubrey organics B5 design gel from kathymack had been calling to me so I paired it with ky jelly after an AOHR rinse out and the result was a a somewhat straightened crown but nice clumping. I tried it another time with a kbb milk rinse out and even more ky jelly and was rewarded with amazing definition, good clumping and even more hold with a relatively easy amount of crunch to it for a natural gel. However, the hold didn’t last for much of the day since it started to loosen by mid-evening. In spite of this, I’m impressed enough to want to purchase a full-sized bottle.

Giovanni L.A natural styling gel on its own is not a winner in my book but the combo of giovanni with ky jelly definitely led to nice clumping, good definition, and no frizz.

I usually don’t have problems with product application on the back of my head since I do everything to ensure coverage by scrunching in upside down, side to side, and upside down again. However, I do still end up with a lock or two that refuses to go along with the rest of my hair and receive its dose of styling product. I decided to try combing in product again and achieved my goal but with skinnier clumps and not much wave boosting tagging along.

I experimented with afroveda pur whipped gelly and sally’s beyond the zone spike it gel and while the gelly helped to soften the massive crunch from this extremely hard holding  gel and aid in giving good clumps to boot, there was a fair amount of frizz to be had and my hair felt pretty dry.

Again, I experimented with combing in product so I used my Mebco detangler to comb in a mix of afroveda gelly with zerrran equalizer leave in upside down and then scrunched in giovanni+ky with a little bit of spike it to up the hold. After combing in the gelly+equalizer mix, I was less than enthused to see stringy waves mixed in with straightened pieces. My hair that day had good volume but skinny clumps.

This past Sunday, I broke out the Komaza coconut pudding sample from kathymack. I cowashed with my new VO5 vita burst revitalizing conditioner cowash in the nectarine orange surge scent and rinsed out KBB milk. I scrunched in the komaza anf followed up with kccc mixed in with spike it gel. After plopping, I scrunched in the remainder of my AOB5 design gel sample. The result was fantastic clumping, amazing wave boosting, yummy smelling hair, good hold, no frizz and softness. 

I gave in to peer pressure and and a 15 page thread (trust me, there are little nuggets of actual info buried within) and purchased an ION conditioning  hard hat dryer from Sally Beauty Supply…as well as the ION hair dryers. The first time I used the hard hat, I diffused for about 3 minutes with my old conair and Sedusa/devafuser set up, clipped, and sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes. I wasn’t much impressed with the results since it was also the day that I tried combing again and my displeasure with that experiment overshadowed anything the hard hat could have contributed.

On Sunday, I broke out the ION hairdryer diffused with the Sedusa and devafuser, clipped, and sat under the hard hat for about 15 min. The result was waves up to my crown with NO FRIZZ! And not only that, but I was able to SOTC about an hour after showering…after showering! That alone pays for the hard hat in and of itself. I’ve never been able to SOTC just one hour after stepping into the shower.

Today I cowashed with VO5 vitaburst, rinsed out kbb milk, and scrunched in komaza and kccc mixed in with aussie sun touched shine gel. After diffusing and drying under the hat, I scrunched out the crunch with a dab of Afroveda hemp seed lock and twist. My hair has some nice clumps going on, but the Afroveda might have been a tad bit too much moisture as there is a bit of frizz.

After the one amazing hair day with Jessicurl, I decided to try it out for an entire week. At least every other day I was washing with HCC, rinsing out TS, leaving in a bit of TS mixed with KY, and topping off with either a combo of JCRR + spike it, or spike it alone. The off days, I was cowashing with VO5, and rinsing out Essential, or cowashing and rinsing out Essential. The result?? I now know that TJ Essential is much too light for my hair and that it causes a slightly dry scalp when used as a cowash.

Using Jessicurl every other day seemed to contribute to my slightly dry, frizzy, and lackluster waves, too. Today I used all Jessicurl with KY and spike it, and my waves seem stringier and straighter. Protein overload. I don’t think my hair minds protein once in a while, but this experiment has taught me a lesson or two.

The next conditioner I will be experimenting with is Curls Ecstasy Asian Hair Tea.


I realize I haven’t been posting as regularly as I used to; a lot of it comes from stress at work (I don’t want to come home and turn on the comp) and not trying new products as much (my experience with the B2B Jasmine has me leery). I probably won’t be posting until some time next week as I’m going camping for the first time this long weekend!


My hair is still recuperating from the awful experience with B2B Jasmine. On Wednesday, I meant to add some honey to the Essential rinseout but I had a bit of a brain fart and just added it to my GDLI. The result was less than spectacular. My hair was a bit stringy, sticky in some places, and my waves were pulled out. On Thursday, I remembered to add the honey to my rinseout and I still wasn’t impressed. Friday, I just x-nayed honey completely and used JCHCC, TS, soaked my hair in Oyin J&B leave in, KY jelly, MopTop mixed with spike it, and sprayed HESMU spray gel halfway through diffusing. I scrunched out the crunch with Samy Big Curls curls defining creme. My hair looked great that day!!! Last night, for a night out with my friends, I used JCHCC, TS, TS leave in, KY, JCRR mixed with spike it, and sprayed Loreal Tightly Wound. I scrunched out the crunch with a pump of Tigi Curls Rock. Oh . My. God. FABULOUS hair! I think that JC works for my hair when I use all the products together and use a leave-in before rocking ringlets. I saw ringlets mixed in with my waves and my waves were soft, seriously boosted, defined, and frizz-free! I’d post a pic but I can’t find any where I don’t look tipsy.

I’m a bit on the fence with TJ Essential condish. It seems a bit too thin for my liking and I don’t get the ridiculous slip I do with Too Shea.

For my skin, I’m using GoW’s Fruity Exfo cleanser (love it!!), homemade ACV toner, and honey as a face mask at times and my skin couldn’t be happier. I love that cheap, natural products are working wonders for my skin.

I finally said good riddance to the B2B Jasmine condish and said hello to Trader Joe’s Essential conditioner (ingreds: aqueous extracts of calendula officinalis flower and hydrastis canadensis (golden seal), cetyl alcohol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycerin, tussilago farfara (coltsfoot) leaf extract, urtica dioica (nettle) extract, equisetum hiemale extract, panthenol, inositol, tocopheryl acetate, glyceryl stearate, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, orchis mascula flower extract, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil; chamomilla recutita (matricaria) extract, achillea millefolium extract, melissa officinalis (balm mint) leaf extract, arctium lappa root extract, prunis serotina (wild cherry) bark extract, methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, fragrance.) I’m a bit apprehensive about the effect of the hydrolyzed protein listed but it’s all alone and surrounded by other natural goodies so I’m hoping for the best.

You can see the effects of the Jasmine conditioner here…

Not a pretty sight. In just three weeks my hair went from nice clumpy, soft waves to a stringy mess. I’ll probably do a DT after today’s gym class and subsequent shower. Today’s routine was a shampoo with JCHCC, condition with TJ Essential, and my mix of sheam and KY with spike it on top.

I used my normal routine with the YTC: a 1/2 inch ribbon of sheam, a nickel of KY, and 2 nickels of spike it. The only difference was an ACV rinse after my VO5 sun kissed raspberries cowash.

First off, I’ve forgotten how nice an ACV rinse feels. After rinsing out the VO5, I ran my little tub of warm water and ACV over my hair and rinsed it out after letting it sit for a min or two. My hair felt great! Seaweed slippery and all that. I applied a generous palmful of the b2b, combed through, and clipped my hair up while I finished the rest of my routine.

I noticed that something was wrong immediately after combing in the sheam and ky mix. With YTC, my hair would stay in big clumps, with the b2b, however, it was as if my hair was repelling itself. I did a search for reviews on this conditioner and stumbled upon Laurabeth’s review: 

From condish chronicles (

Back to Basics Jasmine Curl Refreshing Conditioner

Primary Fault: a love-hate product—either curl boosting or no curls, crimped frizz and buildup
This conditioner didn’t disperse easily through my hair until I’d applied a generous amount in hair and then it detangled. When scrunched after applying gel, like with the other B2B (starting to notice a trend), I had some individual hairs rebelling from the clumps. In the morning, I had practically no definition, minimal curl, and lots and lots of poofball and surface frizz on all the days I tried this. Oddly, I got curls with the Blue Lavender formula but not this one. I also had some pricklies along my scalp with this conditioner. Finally, I could see potential for buildup with this since my hair had a noticeable coating on it after just a few days use. I think those in a drier climate (NM, UT, CO, etc) might have better results, ironically, because of the coating. That coating suffocated my curls into frizzing so much that I couldn’t muster a curl. But in a drier climate, that coating might be more protective and curl-encouraging. I also noticed those in the Rust Belt (OH, MI, etc) liked this so maybe it’s something in the water that works well with this product and makes it curl enhancing. This is the only reason I’m rating this with a fair instead of a poor.
water, propylene glycol, myristyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride, isopropyl alcohol, fragrance, decyl oleate, methylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, tetrasodium edta, propylparaben, benzyl salicylate, butylphenyl methylpropional, linalool, limonene, citric acid, panthenol, sodium hydroxide, hydroxypropyl guar, pentylene glycol, glycerin, butylene glycol, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, jasminum officinale (jasmine) flower extract, bisabolol

The fragrance alone should have immediately put me off this conditioner but since there were some rave reviews on the forums, I decided to stick it out. Now I know that it just doesn’t work for me. Off to either the trash bin, swap boards, or even “accidentally” leaving it at the gym.

Today I shampooed to get rid of all the buildup I’ve been feeling with the biotera gel. I poo’d with Dudu Osum, rinsed out a generous helping of ytc, and combed in a dime’s worth of sheam mixed with ky. Even while scrunching in the mixture, I started to notice increased clumping. Scrunching in some Fuzzy Duck gel mixed with a dollop of spike it increased the clumping. My hair dried pretty quickly in this heat and resulted in boosted, clumpy waves. I’m definitely liking the fuzzy duck gel but I’m LOVING SheaM.