It’s obvious that I have a less than stellar relationship with HEBE. My relationship with LOOB is somewhat spicy at times, but lukewarm more often than not. Garnier fructis soft curl cream and I have the most platonic of relationships, and Salon Selective curl energizing mousse and I are practically not on speaking terms.

Today, I used the kirkland conditioner as a rinseout for the last time. It smells alright, albeit a bit too floral for my tastes but not horrendously so, and it seems to moisturize well but it’s just that, alright. Granted it isn’t ridiculously expensive at just $6.99 for two massive bottles, but it’s still $6.99 on a mediocre product. Since costco has a killer return policy, I’m going to get my money back.

For stylers I used 2 dime blobs of Target brand KY jelly (CK substitute), 2 golfball sized blobs of HEBE, and finished it off with 2 half dollar blobs of GFSCC. I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever using massive amounts of products I’m iffy about. My hair looked alright after taking it out of the plop, but I really wasn’t expecting much. I did my usual clip and diffuse and headed to work. My hair felt coated and heavy with all the products but surprisingly enough, it dried with a good amount of volume. The left side of my hair even had more sporadic ringlets than usual. By the end of the day, my hair was still quite wavy, but with about 50% more frizz than usual. The waves were frizzy/defined waves and while it smelled good, it still felt producty.

Tomorrow, I have my first Devacut at Capella salon in Studio City with Keyonna. I’m so excited and nervous!


Why am I decrying UPS you ask? Well, it’s practically been three weeks and they’re still disputing a claim I made. I had ordered about $100 worth of clothing online and since I’ve had some luck receiving UPS packages in the past, I figured there wouldn’t be any hitches. The UPS website said my package would be delivered on Friday, my usual day off, but I had made plans to visit a friend that day. Since I wasn’t expecting any hangups, I just went ahead with my plans. I got home that evening fully expecting to see my package sitting by my front door only to see nothing. No note, no hastily scribbled delivery note saying it at the front office, nothing. Mind you, the hallway where my apartment is isn’t heavily traveled. It’s just me and my neighbor to the left. A bit put out, I checked the UPS website to confirm, and yup, plain as day, it states that my package was delivered and left at my front door.

I called the shipper and UPS and they set up a tracer. I called each week to get an update and today, I was told that UPS is going on with their story that they delivered the package. Uh…sorry, I’m not going to accept that. I called the shipper again and was told that they will dispute the claim. I then called UPS and told them my story. The agent told me that they would reopen my case. He also told me what their standard procedure is: a UPS agent would stop by my place to see what the problem is and if no one is at home when s/he passes by, they leave a note for me to sign that would be picked up the next day. I informed the agent that in the three weeks time, I hardly saw so much as a scrap of paper on my door. The agent conceded that someone wasn’t doing his/her job. And not only that, but the shipper won’t refund my money or replace the order if UPS sticks to their guns!

I am suspecting that the prankster a**holes who ring my doorbell at odd hours of the night (i.e., 11 pm, 1 am, 2 am) may have a hand in this. We know who they are and we know they know we know who they are. We’ll see.

Sigh. The only good thing from my 30 minute talk to both companies is the good hair day I’m having. I plopped longer than usual since I was on the phone contemplating the likelihood of one day being able to reach into the phone and strangle the person at the other end. Today I cowashed with Suave tangerine, rinsed out walgreens condish, scrunched in 2 dime blobs of Sally’s generic PM the conditioner, scrunched in 4 pumps of salon selectives curl energizing mousse, 2 nickel blobs of hebe, and then the 2 globs of loob. When I took it out of the 30 min plop, I wasn’t too impressed. It looked stringy with a potential to fall apart and just poof on me. I diffused, clipped, diffused again and sat down with my book (The Subtle Knife, btw).

After a couple hours I casually walked into the bathroom to scrunch out the crunch and usual. My SO was in there and he noticed how my hair was much wavier than usual I don’t know that the magic step/ingredient was. The leave-in? The mousse? The longer than usual plop? I’ll have to experiment leaving out one variable at a time. But huzzah for good hair days!

…a cornucopia of hair products:

  • giovanni triple tea treat shampoo (the day before, I mixed the dregs of the sample bottle of aloeba with the dregs of oyin hh; it left my hair feeling overconditioned)
  • walgreen’s bioinfusion professional the detangling conditioner
  • 6 pumps of salon selectives curl energizing mousse
  • 2 quarter blobs of jessicurl ccss
  • 2 half dollar blobs of loob

I applied the curl creme (loob) last, diffused, clipped, and did a loose plop. The result? Nice clumping, minimal surface frizz, and the usual scraggly bottoms have some nice curl to them. It’s still too early to say if the experiment is a success, but I will say that I like the walgreen’s condish.

Ingreds: Deionized Water – Aqua , Isododecane , Cetearyl Alcohol , Behentrimonium Methosulfate , Isohexadecane , Rosemary Extract – Rosmarinus Officinalis , Henna Extract – Lawsonia Inermis , Chamomile Flower Extract – Anthemis Nobilis , Aloe Vera Gel – Daucus Carota Sativa , Carrot Oil , Algae Extract , Jojoba Extract – Simmondsia Chinensis , Carrot Extract – Daucus Carota Sativa , Grape Seed Oil – Vitis Vinifera , Fragrance – Parfum , Citric Acid , Tetrasodium EDTA , DMDM Hydantoin , Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate , Bisamino PEG/PPG-41/3 Aminoethyl PG-Propyl Dimethi , PEG-12 Dimethicone

A 13.5 oz bottle for $8? Not bad. The scent is yummy and it provides good slip. I parted my hair in the shower and applied the condish (idea courtesy of and combed through. My hair felt very silky and moisturized and I didn’t have to use a lot.

Ugh. I will DEFINITELY keep away from the SS energizing foam. When I was letting the water run through my hair before cowashing, it just felt plasticky and nasty. Yuck.

Today I cowashed with Suave tangerine citrus or something, used Oyin HH as a rinseout, Shea M as a leave in, and KCCC to style. I think Oyin stretches out my wave pattern. I have a sinking feeling that the Jessicurl conditioners have the same effect (even Aloeba!) so they just might be relegated to winter use….or the swap board.

I’m really liking SheaM and KCCC. Even though KCCC is used more often by the 3s and 4s, my hair seems to like it. I don’t get any frizz and the scent is just to die for! It also has the hold that I expected to get from Herbal Essences Body Envy gel.

My boyfriend and I went to San Diego for the weekend, so I packed the trial sizes of Aloeba, Rocking Ringlets, Weekly Deep Treatment, and HEBE. I think the combo of Aloeba and WDT left my hair a bit overconditioned because the waves were getting droopy. Using HEBE with just a pinkys worth of WDT didn’t help matters much. I don’t know why but I think HEBE just doesn’t work for me. This coming from the girl who has about 4 bottles of it stashed away.

ETA: It’s the end of the day and my waves are still holding up. I think KCCC makes everything work better. I’ll try it out with Jessicurl this week and see how it holds up!

I purchased the curl energizing weightless foam a few weeks ago so I decided to have at it today. First off, the scent is brings me back to my childhood. That apple scent is so yummy! (I LOVE anything apple-scented since it’s pretty much my favorite fruit) Once I pushed out some foam, the love started to wither; I could tell it wasn’t going to have any hold since, true to it’s name, it’s just a foam. Here I was expecting it to be like any normal mousse that expands to almost 1000x times its size (yeah, a bit of an exaggeration) and instead, out come suds. Scrunching the foam into my hair was like scrunching in the suds from a lathering shampoo. This is a product I wouldn’t repurchase.