Yes, it’s a bit pricey at $22 for 4.5 oz but the color match is perfect! Application is a breeze since it’s a lotion and I didn’t experience the streaking/patchiness I had with the other three lotion STs when applying it. The scent is reminiscent of the Jergen’s cherry almond lotion and the color guide isn’t horrendously muddy like the Fake Bake and St Tropez. I was actually a bit apprehensive because the color guide wasn’t so dark; I was afraid that I wasn’t applying enough. Because my skin with the color guide wasn’t the color of the box above, it was a bit tough to tell where I had applied it. It blended well into my natural skin color but with just the slightest greenish tinge. I was ready to just write it off and deal with St. Tropez, my second choice.

When I woke up today, there was a noticeable difference. My skin looked golden and wonderfully evenly tanned. I chalked it up to the color guide ( a la my Fake Bake experience) and hopped into the shower. Compared to St. Tropez and Fake Bake, rivers of color guide did not wash off. There were some light brownish/greenish rivulets running towards the drain, but that was it. I even smoothed my hands over my legs to ensure that all the guide was rinsed off.

When I compared my arms to my legs, the color is almost spot on. There is a bit of a ST glow to my legs, but not to the point where you’d think I was a mannequin with snap-on legs.

Finally, finally, I get to return the ST misses to Ulta and get my money back….and pick up another bottle of Faux Tan!

On another note, I think the scent of the Oyin Burnt Sugar pomade is getting to me. I use it to scrunch out the crunch but the heady vanilla scent is attacking my olfactory senses. I don’t think it’s even that it’s summer and scents are more noticeable, it’s just…..a bit funky.


I’m on self tanner #4 out of the 5 I’ve picked up over the summer; Sephora’s bronzing spray, SUN laboratories medium self tanning lotion, Fake Bake lotion, St Tropez lotion, and Bare Escentuals Faux Tan.

Last night was St Tropez night. I exfoliated and moisturized my knees, ankles, and feet. Sat for about 30 mintues to allow the lotion to set in and ensure dry skin, put on my application gloves, and went at it. The lotion is as dark as Fake Bake but it doesn’t have a very strong smell. In fact, I found the scent to be slightly floral and pleasant. Rubbing it onto my skin, I found it to be like the SUN labs tanner in that it doesn’t seem to spread easily and there were little streaky patches. The back of the bottle mentions streaking so I figured it’s just a part of the process and moved on. The color indicator is great – not too dark, not too green, just right. I actually really liked the color of the indicator because it was a nice burnt, tan brown.

This morning in the shower, quite a bit rinsed off, just like the Fake Bake. Unlike the Fake Bake, however, the resulting color doesn’t look as orange. There is still a slight orange cast compared to my naturally tanned arms, but it’s more golden brown than anything. Of the two, I’m leaning a bit more towards the St Tropez because of the slightly better color.

Fake Bake has a very deep chocolate color. It’s a little scary at first, but upon application, even just the color guide looked really good; a nice burnt brown just a tad darker than how my skin looks naturally tanned. The application is a breeze. I much prefer lotions, gels, or even mousses over sprays; it gives me much more control over where I apply it.

I don’t know if I didn’t exfoliate as well as I should have, or if the lotion I applied to my knees and ankles had some weird reaction with the Fake Bake, but there was some odd streaking/glopping when I was massaging the ST onto my legs. I’m leaning more towards a lotion/ST reaction because I always use an exfoliating washcloth much like this everyday:

I’ll have to wait til tomorrow morning to see how it looks without the color guide, but I’m really hoping this one works out. If the color guide is any indication of what the end result will look like, this might be a runner up to SB.

ETA June 30th: It’s true what they’ve mentioned on about most of the color washing off in the shower. I’ve never seen a ST come off that much in the shower. Unfortunately, most of the pretty tan brown color came away, too. I’m left with a color that is slightly more golden/orange than my natural tan. (I compare the quality of a ST to my tanned arms). The coloring is much better than the SUN Labs and Sephora, however.

Now, I wasn’t really into self tanning before because I was a bit of a tomboy. But now that I like wearing skirts and dresses (and my SO likes seeing me in them), I don’t want my legs to blend in with the white skirt I’m wearing! I know getting a real tan is bad for you and that’s why I’m in pursuit of the perfect self tanner.

I’ve already found a self tanner that is absolutely perfect in every way. Application is a breeze, it doesn’t get all over my sheets or stain my clothes, the scent doesn’t make you want to gag, and the color…oh the color…it’s just PERFECTION. Why am I still searching then? Because Sally’s no longer carries it. And they’re not only not carrying it – it’s no longer manufactured! The icing on the cake is this: I found two bottles of it at a Sally’s about 3 months ago on clearance. I picked them up because of the reviews on Makeup Alley; I hadn’t tried it myself but going off the reviews alone, it would have been stupid to ignore those two bottles. I tried it out as soon as I got home and fell in love. It gives the perfect color – just like I spent the weekend at the beach or something. But alas, the HG of self tanners, Savage Bronze is no more and I’m left to find a suitable replacement.

Let’s start with the self tanner I tried on the left: Sephora brand Body Self-Tanning Tinted Bronzing Mist. At $12 it doesn’t sound too bad considering most self tanners (the non drugstore kind) retail for $25+. BUT at just 5 oz and it being a mist, I think that evens the playing field. I read reviews on Makeup Alley comparing it to Savage Bronze and got all excited. I picked up a bottle and went at it. My first try, I was slightly impressed. The fragrance was nice, nothing like the usual self tanner scent. The color looked alright but nothing like SB. The annoying thing was the application. I felt like it went EVERYWHERE. My bathroom floor felt sticky and wet. Ick. Despite the directions, I did blend it into my skin like I would any other self tanner. Second time around, I tried it without blending and was worse off. The coloring was spotty and orange. Back to Sephora it went.

When I returned the self tanner, I checked out the store for other SB replacements. Maybe it’s the layout at that particular store, but there wasn’t a section devoted to tanning products. I distinctly remember there being one at the Glendale Galleria store, but oddly enough, Victoria Gardens doesn’t. Pooh. I didn’t want to go through the trouble of roaming aisle by aisle for a self tanner that would most likely set me back $40+ so I headed over to Ulta to check out their selection. While Ulta in no way provided me with a plethora to choose from, they did have the 3 brands that I’ve heard of the most: Fake Bake, St, Tropez, and SUN Laboratories. I had tried SUN labs two years ago with mediocre results, but I picked up a bottle and decided to give it another shot.

I purchased the self tanning lotion in Medium. I was debating between the Dark and Ultra Dark formulation, but I didn’t want the color to be too dramatic lest it be too obvious. You know, pale one day and then bronzed, super dark the next. And not only that, I admit I was a bit apprehensive about buying Ultra Dark. My skin is golden already and I didn’t want there to be a MAJOR difference between my already naturally tanned arms and my (fake) super dark legs. I exfoliated in the shower, lotioned up the knees and ankles and applied the ST in a circular motion to reduce streaking. The color guide was nice enough to make me excited for tomorrow. It dried well and didn’t stain my sheets. I woke up, hopped in the shower, and rinsed the color guide off. To my chagrin, Medium just wasn’t enough color for me. Not only that, but it was streaky. And top of that, it was orange.

I plan on trying Fake Bake next, followed by St. Tropez, and the Faux Tan by Bare Escentuals that has been getting good reviews on MUA.

Here’s to getting the perfect (fake) tan!

And oh yes, UPS FINALLY admitted that the package was lost. I’m expecting a refund from the shipper within a week. Yay!