I’ve been toying with the icequeen clumping method and yesterday’s hair was a major success. I cowashed as usual but used AOHR as a rinseout. I wanted to see how MGA  sculpting played with AOHR this time around. I applied conditioner right side up, detangled, flipped over and scrunched in a bit more conditioner. After finishing my regular shower routine, it was back to flipping over to rinse out the conditioner. I raked through with my fingers and again tossed my hair gently to loosen the roots. Only complaint about this method? I still can’t prevent water from entering my nose. Hm…maybe the next time I have my yearly physical for work I’ll ask the nurse if I can just keep the nose clamp I have to use for the stress test.

In any case, I wasn’t really expecting much because the SO and I didn’t have any plans and were just heading to his house for the weekend. Imagine my surprise when I SOTC and saw my hair looking like this:

I was just amazed (and told my SO we had to go out for dinner lest my hair be a total waste).  For the first time, my right side actually looked better than my normally wavier left side! Not only that, but the root volume I had experienced the last time wasn’t a fluke:   I definitely recommend this method if you’re having trouble achieving root volume.


With the skinnier clumps I’ve been getting with MGA sculpting, I thought to try a method I recently read about on NC.com. Basically you apply your rinse out conditioner with your hair flipped over, scrunch in a bit more to get the clumps going, and rinse upside down as well. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with my hair flipped over because my roots would get all wonky and I never seemed to get the product distributed well enough. Since my hair has been treating me well in general, I decided to give it a shot.

MGA sculpting straightens my roots when I cowash so I water washed initially, scrubbing my scalp vigorously with my finger pads, applied and half dollar of my calming chamomile cowash, and continued scrubbing. I scrubbed as I washed out the cowash, parted my hair as usual and applied my ng rose and persimmon rinse out right side up and flipped over. I scrunched to get the clumps going and then flipped right side up to continue the rest of my shower routine.

It was a bit weird not feeling the weight of my damp hair. Usually after applying my rinse out I’ll comb through with my Mebco detangler and loosely twist my hair up with a stick so as not to have it against my back during the rest of my shower routine. My hair is bra strap length when dry but reaches to almost the upper small of my back when wet. Yeah. It’s insane how much length I lose when my hair is styled and dry. With this new method, my scalp felt much lighter without the weight of my hair and I didn’t feel the need to use a hair stick since my hair was sticking away from my scalp and the back of my neck.

When it came time to rinse out, I flipped over again and just raked my fingers through as the conditioned was washed out. I lightly shook my head a bit to break the mass of my hair at the scalp, raked my fingers through a bit and then scrunched in MGA sculpting. I’ve been using a half bottle of MGA sculpting since Sunday and I’m already at about 1/4 of the tube left. Hm. In any case, I used about 8 quarters total, scrunched with my flour sack towel, and diffused. Immediately after using my Sedusa and diffusing under the canopy with the Devafuser, I noticed that the lightened feeling on my scalp was still there and that was definite volume at the roots without having even clipped yet.

I scrunched a bit too early and my chubby 5-month old nephew’s little grabby fingers didn’t help much, but he’s so cute that I don’t mind if he musses up my hair. Overall, I didn’t notice chunkier clumps but there is a lot of root volume…enough to result in waving up to the roots!!

Ugh. Those ends need to be trimmed.

I finally got MGA sculpting to work for me. I think the key is a lighter conditioner. Today I washed with my CV carrot milk and honey bar, did a white vinegar rinse, conditioned with NG rose and persimmon, and styled with about 7 quarters of MGA. The result is more volume vs my homemade FSG, clumping up to the crown, good frizz control and hold, but skinnier clumps. Holdwise, it seems to rival BRHG for me. Amazing considering it’s a natural gel! Overall, I’d give MGA a 7-8 out of 10.

My routine yesterday was: cowash with VO5 calming chamomile, condition with AOHR, scrunch in two peas of white boots creme, and scrunch in 8 dimes and 2 nickels of MGA sculpting. Right off the bat I didn’t see the clumps I was getting with my homemade FSG. The scent of rosemary actually wasn’t as noticeable as it was on Sunday, instead, I was just herbal in general which I don’t mind. I diffused as normal and was surprised by the amount of crunch after air drying for about an hour. I lightly scrunched out the crunch but was unable to see the results in the ladies room as I had to head out for a site meeting.

About 6 hours after I had SOTC, I was finally able to check out how my hair felt about MGA. Well, the clumping wasn’t too bad – they didn’t reach as high into my crown area as it does with my FSG and it seemed to straighten out the crown area of the canopy, but it was decent. In terms of hold, it’s somewhat comparable to my FSG. Frizz-wise, however, it didn’t really hold up. The day started off with some light drizzle and remained gloomy for most of the day. Comparing my hair to a similar day last week when using FSG,  yesterday’s hair ended up looking a little like a wool sweater – a fine layer of light fuzz that isn’t obvious when viewed from afar but the closer you get, you start to notice that floating layer of fibers.

Today, I used the MGA without a leave in or creme underneath and I’m still a little underwhelmed. I cowashed, did an white vinegar rinse, rinsed out AOHR, and applied about 8 quarters of MGA sculpting all over my hair. The good thing about this gel is that you can apply a bit more than usual without feeling like it’s going to buildup in your hair.

3 hours later and I’ve already scrunched out the intense crunch – crunch similar to that of KMS cranberry pepper (a good thing for me!). I had high hopes because there definitely is less frizz but there isn’t much boosting, the clumps again don’t go high into my crown, and the waves are pulled out in the crown area. It is touchable and had I not seen how my hair reacts to my homemade FSG, I’d say MGA was fairly decent. However, knowing what I do know, I’d rate MGA with a 5-6 out of 10 so far. It’s almost as though MGA sculpting elongates my wave pattern. I’ll try this out tomorrow with a lighter conditioner in hopes that it isn’t my hair just getting weighed down by AOHR.

I forgot to mention another find from Sally Beauty Supply. A year or two ago I had purchased an E.L.F. eyelash curler. For it being a dirt cheap curler (seriously, it was $1), I was actually pretty impressed. So much so that I did a review for it on MUA…as have about 215 other women so far. After almost 2 years, the darn curler broke and while I could have gone and purchased a boatload of $1 curlers, I figured it would be better for the environment and my wallet to buy something with a little bit of longevity.

I’ve read about the Shiseido and Shu curlers, but would rather not have to head to Sephora, Macy’s or Nordstroms for either one. Luckily, I came across a curler at Sallys: B Beaute double curl. At $10.99 with my card, it’s a bit more expensive than a drugstore brand curler but less than the Shiseido or Shu when you add travel time and gas to the equation. Not that I live miles from a Sephora or other department store, but I’d rather not have to enter one for the sole purpose of getting an eyelash curler. At least at Sallys I don’t feel so guilty browsing the aisles and picking up an item or four. It’s my second day using it and I’m pretty impressed by the curler. A single review on MUA for this is a bit of a downer, but considering the competition it faced by the reviewer and the positive feedback, I feel much better.

Yesterday I stopped over at Sallys with the intention of simply returning a soft bonnet attachment. When I picked up my Lustrasilk tubs at the Sallys near my work, I thought to search for a deep conditioning heat cap. The sales associate showed me two options: a $30 Gold n’ Hot conditioning heat cap and a $10 Conair Pro soft bonnet attachment. Considering I only do deep treatments every other week, if at that, I took the more economical route. Well, more economical isn’t always good. Sure, on the box the model looks all cheery while her hair is getting conditioned, but there has to be some invisible/clear strap under her chin because that sucker Doesn’t. Stay. On. Luckily I tried it on dry hair – heaven forbid if I were really doing a DT. The minute I turned on my blowdryer, the contraption started to inflate per the picture but once fully inflated, it also proceeded to blow off my head. Nice. I checked out the $30 cap online, but figured that I’d most likely end up stuck next to an outlet. I ended up adding a Hair Therapy Wrap to my recent Curls purchase and am pretty excited to try it out.

While spending more time and money at Sallys than I had intended, I came across the GVP Nexxus Aloe Rid gentle clarifying shampoo (the last bottle and on sale too!). I’ve read some good things about this clarifier on NC.com and MUA so I added that to the growing jumble in my shopping basket.

I also perused the skincare aisle and came across a promising eye cream: Beyond Belief VitaC+ nourishing eye treatment. At only $5.99 for 0.5 oz and with an amazing ingreds list, that went into the basket too. Googling ingredients and reading the scant reviews on the line posted at MUA make me feel more confident about my purchase. I’ve used it twice and feel that it provides a good amount of moisture and doesn’t leave a greasy film like over eye creams I’ve tried.  I looked online at other eye treatments Sallys has to offer and this is something I definitely plan on checking out next time: Purist Naturals restoring gingko eye cream. Hopefully the ingredients look just as good as Beyond Belief.

I’ve been noticing a bit more frizz and too-soft hair so today I clarified with my newest acquisition, GVP aloe rid, did a mini treatment with GVP Aussie 3 MM, cowashed with VO5 calming chamomile, and rinsed out AOHR. It’s another stay at home day so I finished the remainder of my homemade FSG and scrunched in about 4 nickels of MGA sculpting gel. I’m not too keen on the rosemary in it (my nose is very sensitive to that) and was surprised by its consistency: for a rather solid looking gel, its quite runny. I was expecting it to be akin to LA Looks gel consistency-wise, but it’s more like LUSH the big tease gel. Since it spread so easily and seemed to disappear into my hair, I wasn’t expecting much hold at all and definition. Boy was I wrong! I just barely diffused thinking to give my hair a break so I fully expected loose, undefined waves. Instead, I got crunch, definition, and some wave boosting. As this is the next gel I’m experimenting with, I’m looking forward to how it plays with my waves tomorrow.