I decided to break this gel out for three reasons:  1) my SO was out of town for the weekend and I was bored, 2) it gave me amazing waves/curls when the moisture content in the air wasn’t high, and 3) I’ve been on a slight experimentation kick and figured, why not?

I cowashed, rinsed out regis vivid satin, and applied two ribbons of sheam, and a blob of ky. WOW! My hair looked great! The clumps were forming in the shower as I was applying the gel and once I diffused and sprayed in some tightly wound, I was set for a fabulous hair day. Unfortunately, the 100 degree weather wasn’t much into working with me so I wouldn’t have to put my hair up. About 3 hours later I was forced to break out a hairstick and bind up my amazing waves and curls. I will definitely keep playing with this gel!!


Let’s start off with my Pixi review…

From amongst my makeup splurge purchases, I picked out Pixi’s sheer cheek gel in natural and Pixi’s lip blush in purity to try today. I love makeup that will last throughout the day after just one application so both products seemed to fit the bill.

The cheek gel is really light and only a dot or two (I’m talking literally a dot. No 3-D pea-sized dots. I mean, squeeze the minimum out of the tube) is enough to provide good coverage. The color is nice peachy pink and compared to my Tarte stick blush, the staying power is quite impressive. It’s already almost 11 hours after application and I can still see it. I definitely plan on trying it out as a lipstain. The con? At $20.00 it’s not exactly steep but not your usual Target prices. I imagine that since such a minimal amount is necessary to see results, it could last me some time thereby making the cost not seem as daunting.

I’ve purchased the cheek gel in all 4 colors: flushed, natural, sun-kissed, and rosy. Yesterday I tried sun-kissed and found it to produce an odd mix of results; it was too light to see on my cheeks but it came out too dark on my lips. It would be nice for a bronzer, but I don’t really use bronzer. Back to Target it goes!

I’m really liking the lip blush. It’s exactly like a marker but for your lips. I used a light hand to apply it since it’s one of the darker colors; it ended up looking like a nice brownish-red on my lips. I applied a dab of MAC lipgelee in saplicious on top and I was good to go. Compared to my Vincent Longo lip and cheek stain and LORAC sheer wash, I’m surprised to admit that this $20 Target purchase has more staying power than either one! My lips didn’t feel dry at all nor did the color ball up (as with LORAC) or bleed into the lines of my lips and camp out making my lips look zebra striped with color (as with Vincent Longo); it stayed right where it was and it looked fab until lunchtime. I ate cajun creamy pasta so the oil rubbed it off of course. However, my lips don’t look corpse-like like they usually do without any color; there’s the smallest hint of color remaining. Not enough to make it look like I’m still wearing something, but more like a MLBB (my lips but better) look.

I’m really impressed with the Revlon colorstay eyeshadow quad I purchased (well, one of the four I purchased and have tried so far). There’s enough pigment, it feels silky and not grainy, and the powder isn’t creasing in the folds of my eyes by midday. Nice!

Today’s hair is courtesy of a shampoo with Dove Cool Moisture in cucumber and green tea, regis vivid satin rinseout, two blobs of sheam, two dimes of KY, and two palmfuls of Joiwhip. I read on NC.com that some curlies were impressed with the gentle shampooing they experienced with the Dove Cool Moisture. Unfortunately, I can’t hop on the ‘loving it’ bandwagon. Compared to my sulfate free shampoos, I found it to strip my hair a bit more. The first time I tried it, my hair actually squeaked. Not a good thing. Luckily, I didn’t have to drop much money on this shampoo and hope to off it onto my SO. Thank god for Target travel sizes!

I know that some curlies have sung praise for Joico’s Joiwhip mousse before, and I had purchased it based on the glowing reviews, but I still hadn’t tried it out. Since the weather is warming up a bit, I figured I’d give it a shot. After scrunching sheam and ky onto soaking wet hair, I flipped over my Joiwhip can and squirted some out. It’s hard to give exact amounts with mousse since it expands so I’ll just say a palm’s worth once it expanded. After seeing clumping upon gel application, I was expecting to see the same thing, but alas, such was not the case. I blindly applied the mousse wherever I felt like it needed to go, scrunched with my curlease, and plopped. I wasn’t too impressed after taking out the plop; my waves looked skinny and didn’t look boosted at all. I figured I’d probably toss it up in a bun if it looked too bad so I diffused, spritzed in some loreal tightly wound, diffused some more, and clipped.

By the time I arrived at the office an hour later, my hair was pretty much dry. When I started scrunching, I noticed some thick clumps and boosted waves that stayed after the crunch was out! It’s now almost 12 hours later and there is absolutely no frizz, nice definition, a yummy scent, and to top it off, my hair doesn’t feel producty. I feel like I can tousle my hair and not cause any frizz. It’s still my first day using it but I must say that I’m quite impressed with this can of mousse.

Spraying either a CG hairspray or spray gel after my first round of diffusing seems to help retain my waves. Also, applying a good amount of the gel to soaking wet hair helps form the clumps. I probably still won’t repurchase the gel because I feel that the isopropyl alcohol will eventually dry out my hair and the cloying honeysuckle fragrance isn’t giving it any points either.

My hair does seem to be bouncing back from the awful experience with the B2B jasmine conditioner. I have a bottle of the pomegranate condish and I’m almost afraid to try it out. The good reviews of it on NC.com are preventing me from putting it up on the swap board.  

Today’s hair is courtesy of LaCoupe shampoo, NG rose condish, sheam, KY, KMS cranberry pepper, LOOB, and Loreal tightly wound.

My hair is still recuperating from the awful experience with B2B Jasmine. On Wednesday, I meant to add some honey to the Essential rinseout but I had a bit of a brain fart and just added it to my GDLI. The result was less than spectacular. My hair was a bit stringy, sticky in some places, and my waves were pulled out. On Thursday, I remembered to add the honey to my rinseout and I still wasn’t impressed. Friday, I just x-nayed honey completely and used JCHCC, TS, soaked my hair in Oyin J&B leave in, KY jelly, MopTop mixed with spike it, and sprayed HESMU spray gel halfway through diffusing. I scrunched out the crunch with Samy Big Curls curls defining creme. My hair looked great that day!!! Last night, for a night out with my friends, I used JCHCC, TS, TS leave in, KY, JCRR mixed with spike it, and sprayed Loreal Tightly Wound. I scrunched out the crunch with a pump of Tigi Curls Rock. Oh . My. God. FABULOUS hair! I think that JC works for my hair when I use all the products together and use a leave-in before rocking ringlets. I saw ringlets mixed in with my waves and my waves were soft, seriously boosted, defined, and frizz-free! I’d post a pic but I can’t find any where I don’t look tipsy.

I’m a bit on the fence with TJ Essential condish. It seems a bit too thin for my liking and I don’t get the ridiculous slip I do with Too Shea.

For my skin, I’m using GoW’s Fruity Exfo cleanser (love it!!), homemade ACV toner, and honey as a face mask at times and my skin couldn’t be happier. I love that cheap, natural products are working wonders for my skin.