Today’s combo is giovanni TTT cowash, ytc rinseout, a dime’s worth of sheam, and a puddleof biotera mixed with a pinky’s worth of sallys spike it on each side. I’ve already scrunched out the crunch with GF shine wax and it’s looking…decent. Nothing spectacular. The waves are wavier than usual, but it’s stringier than usual, too. 

I attribute the stringy waves to biotera gel. Yesterday, I was in a rush to head ou with my SO to one of his proposed school sites, so I sprayed in a ton ofOyin’s Greg juice leave-in and topped it off with biotera mixed with spike it. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft waves, lack of much frizz, and faster drying time. I wasn’t impressed by the stringy waves, though.

I’m not experimenting much with new products per se; rather, I’m trying to find ways to use up some of the duplicate products I have: biotera gel, mop top gel, sheam, and sally’s spike it (I have the real biolage rock hard gel)


GDLI and I seem to have a semi-like (not love!!)/hate relationship. It’s nice that the consistency is thinner than my beloved sheam, but I also don’t like that it’s not as viscous as the zerran equalizer leave in. I rub leave in between my hands and then smooth it over my hair; with GDLI, it tends to accumulate near the end of my palm or in between my fingers rather than spreading itself out across my palms. The last couple of times I’ve used GDLI, it was a crapshoot trying to figure out how much to use. Either I didn’t use enough and my hair was frizzy and puffy as a result or I used too much and my hair looked stringy, limp, and oily. Today, however, I may have found the correct application method and amount. My hair felt a bit sticky and producty so I cowashed with Freeman sea kelp, rinsed out ytc, squeezed out excess water, and the smoothed in a nickel’s worth of GDLI. I smoothed in my beloved generic KY jelly, combed and finger combed, then biolage creme gel had its turn; I applied 3 pumps mixed with a pea’s worth of sally’s spike it on both sides, flipped over and scrunched the remaining water-hands first then flour sack.

In the shower, I wasn’t too impressed with the lack of clumping. My waves looked stringy and actually felt a bit rough. After plopping, however, the waves looked a bit better and after diffusing pixiecurl style, my hair looked promising. A good thing because I’ve got my first public meeting for one of my LAUSD school sites! I know, not the greatest time to experiment.

It’s now five hours after styling my hair and I scrunched the crunch with the GF wax. I do think that squeezing out the excess speeds up the drying process. My hair is nice and wavy with hardly any frizz, but it doesn’t look as voluminous and boosted as yesterday’s hair.  I’ll give an update later on if I get the chance.

ETA: Nine hours later and my waves are falling with an increase in frizz. Poo on you GDLI!

I love SheaM; the scent, the texture, how soft my hair is when I use it. BUT, I’m not liking that it may not mesh well with my new routine (courtesy of zigazaga).

Today I used Freeman for a cowash, yes to carrots rinse out, sheam combed in, and aura gel. Usually, and surprisingly even with the GF Bold It!, whenever I put my hair to side to scrunch in the gel my waves are in pretty sizeable clumps that I can see. Today, however, the clumps were skinnier and straighter. When I scrunch gel into my hair with zerran, the clumps easily accordion and are soft; instead, with sheam, the clumps felt as though there was already some holding action.

My hair is still in clips so I’m hoping I end up wrong about SheaM. If I’m not, I may have another bottle up on the swap board.

ETA: I think I might have jumped the gun. My waves are a bit looser, but not as stringy as it looked when wet. Huzzah! I scrunched out the crunch with Oyin burnt sugar pomade (yummy foodie scent!)

So the last two days I’ve been using the scientific method to determine which product or combination of products resulted in the good hair day I had on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s concoction:

  •  Freeman sea kelp volume conditioner for cowash
  •  Yes to Carrots rinse out
  •  Zerran Equalizer leave in
  •  Aura Flaxseed Aloe sculpting gel

I loved how my hair felt and looked that day; nice, soft waves, no frizz, and good hold. I purchased the Freeman on discount at Ulta ($1.99) because it has cocamidopropyl betaine (a light cleanser that I don’t find to be harsh on my waves) in the ingredients.

 Wednesday’s concoction:

  • Shampoo with my SO’s dud, Dudu Osum
  • Yes to Carrots rinse out
  • Zerran Equalizer leave in
  • Aura Flaxseed Aloe sculpting gel

My hair still had nice hold and definition, but there was the frizz associated shampoo days. Granted, it wasn’t horrible, but it was definitely different from Tuesday’s hair.

 Today the melange consists of:

  • Freeman seakelp volume condish
  • Yes to Carrots
  • Zerran Equalizer
  • and yes, the mediocre GF Bold It.

My hair isn’t 100% dry but I already know that GF isn’t going to cut it. The waves look stringier and more weighed down. Yes, there is clumping, but there are also the rogue strands. Also, my hair doesn’t feel as soft.

I clipped and diffused pixiecurl style each day. I alternate between these two dryers: Conair Curl Fusion and an Ion Shine (my model is older so it doesn’t fold in). I like the Curl Fusion when I want something lighter. My only gripe is that the diffusing bowl is short so it can’t hold much hair. I like the bowl on the Ion Shine, but it is heavier.

I’m definitely liking the clipping method I learned from Keyonna at Capella. I notice a difference in volume at the roots. It is a bit “labor intensive” since I have to use a mirror to see the back of my head, but I really like the results. I haven’t counted the exact number of clips I use, but it’s two boxes (total) of these curl clips:

I like! I did my usual routine of cowashing and using a rinseout but today I sloppily sectioned off, smoothed in zerran equalizer leave-in and scrunched in 2 quarter blobs of aura. The result was nice definition, hardly any frizz, and great waves.

I fear that it’s practically one of the few bottles left in the world. The BSS I found it in only had two bottles left and both were heavily discounted. Hence, my purchase. I get the feeling that my hair likes the lighter, more liquidy gels versus the heavier, viscous, the blob-stays-put-in-your-hand type of gels – HEBE, GF Bold it!, I’m looking at you….

I’m still liking the fine tooth comb method. Save for that odd area to the left where it looks like I didn’t separate that big honking clump, I think it’s pretty good. Not as wavy as zigazaga’s but I realize my wave pattern is much looser than hers.

One thread posed the question: how many conditioners do you own? My response? A whopping 21 cowashes (Suave, VO5, and Freeman conditioners), 31 rinseout conditioners (stuff from B2B Jasmine to Jessicurl WDT), and 10 leave-ins (I most likely have more but didn’t want to embarass myself even more with the total number). Yeah. So I decided to join the other curlies on this thread and have a self-imposed ban on hair products for the entire month of July. I vow I will not buy anything hair related for the 31 days, 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, and 2,678,400 seconds that make up the month of July.

I have enough conditioners, cowashes, gels, cremes, mousses, and heck, even shampoos to justify not having to purchase products for more than a year. What fuels my decision is the fact that a lot of the other products on my “to try” list are either 1) pretty all natural so having them sit in my cabinet or drawer would be a waste, or 2) something I would have to order online so the shipping cost is something to factor in. I see it as a great opportunity to try each product I’ve been hoarding and finding out what combo works and what doesn’t.

Now on to the new styling method. I’m still liking it. I actually tried a half-assed version of sectioning my hair and it turned out surprisingly well. Still some pulled out waves, but a good amount of definition. The photos that I uploaded onto my Fotki look frizzier than it really is. (Oh the woes of taking photos of dark hair at night).

So yesterday I tried zigazaga’s method. My first attempt was a bust. I did my usual routine but tried to comb in sheam upside down. Yeah….I don’t recommend trying that because after I flipped upright, my hair decided to act like a shelf. I tried to make the best of it but when I took it out of the plop, it was just WAY too stringy.

I hopped back into the shower and did a quick cowash and rinseout. I then combed in ky jelly upright running my fingers in after combing. I scrunched in two dollops of bold it! and re-plopped. I was fully prepared for it to come out hellishly ugly; it was a hot day so putting my hair up wouldn’t cause too much grief. Especially since it’s rare for me to go out with my hair up now.

The SO and I had plans to catch Wall E so I diffused for just 5 min and air-dried the rest of the way. I wasn’t sure how my hair was looking so I high-tailed it to the theatre restroom. I was pleasantly surprised: the combing resulted in even distribution of the KY jelly so there wasn’t one rogue frizzy section sticking out like a sore thumb. The clumps were pretty nice albeit a little skinner than usual. I’m coming to terms with the fact that the new haircut doesn’t result in major clumping like before because it’s all broken up with layers.

I definitely think this is something I’m going to toy with a bit more. I tried it out today and I really think the combing helps break things up a bit to allow like to stick to like i.e., the shorter layers aren’t tangled up within the longer layers. Also, I definitely like the even distribution of product. The only drawback to this method is that my waves are a little more pulled out than usual. I don’t mind that so much if it results in less frizz.

I’m realizing that my hair is definitely meant to be wavy. No amount of scrunching or diffusing can make my hair curlier than it’s meant to be. One thing that lead to my acceptance is this: doing a google search on “how to deal with wavy hair” brought up so many you tube hits of women with straight hair using curling irons to get the waves that come naturally to me.