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My hair wasn’t looking too great the past couple of days. Yes, the evil J&J leave-in had indelibly left its mark. So this morning I decided to get rid of its evilness by attacking it with some clarifying shampoo. My hair felt much better as I was rinsing the suds out and the result? My tight waves are back! Huzzah! I used a new leave-in instead of my trusty sheam: Zerran’s equalizer. I can’t quite pinpoint the scent – somewhat apple-ish with some light vanilla? Anyhoot, I used a bit too much – about a dime’s worth and scrunched in two nickle-sized blobs of that dang HEBE. My hair doesn’t look too bad actually. Yes, there is some fuzz and undefined waves, but it looks much better compared to yesterday’s overconditioned, droopy waves.

On another note, I’m not sure I’m feeling the Oyin HH. I thought it was too heavy for my hair but lately it seems as though I need to use a lot to get any slip. Maybe my hair is really thirsty? I don’t know. Hopefully I can make a better decision on it since I’ve washed away the evil J&J.


Yesterday was another Jessicurl trial day. On Tuesday my hair was pissing me off, so that evening I applied the rest of my WDT sample and washed it out the next day. I used RR, CCSS, and some HEBE on top for hold. My hair wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t up to par that day. It looked a little limp, didn’t have much shine, and the waves were stringy…but oh did it feel soft. It hit me last night that it may be overconditioned.

This morning I used some JC GLS with a dab of Organix coconut milk low ‘poo and my hair felt much better. I’m grudgingly going through my 5 tube supply of HEBE because a) I can’t return it anymore (and my SO will just roll his eyes if I bring up returning another product) and b) it just has to work! SheaM always works for me so I applied my usual 2 blobs and scrunched in some HEBE. It’s 10:20 am and my hair isn’t looking as awful as it has since that evil Johnson & Johnsons leave-in. PJ that I am, I’ll definitely keep trying other combos with HEBE, but at least I know this one ain’t too bad.

I used Oyin HH, Jessicurl RR & CCSS with some HEBE today. I was smart enough to leave in a little bit of my rinse out so my hair wasn’t mag-sulfate dry today but my hair was quite frizzy, undefined, and limp. I won’t lay the blame on my Jessicurl experiment today because the night before, I used some Chagrin Valley soap as shampoo and finished a sample packet of Johnson and Johnson’s leave-in that was just awful.

I’m coming to the conclusion that Chagrin Valley soap on my hair doesn’t bode well. I read through some threads on using the soap as a shampoo and just lathered my hands and applied the suds to my hair. The result? Utter squeaky cleanliness As I was rinsing out the suds in the shower, my fingers were even getting tangled in my hair! To make matters worse, I used some Johnson & Johnson’s leave in sample packet that my younger sister gave me to try. The scent is a bit too flowery and heavy for my taste and it has dimethicone as the third ingredient Not good. I figured that since I was going to be home for the rest of the day, why not just use it up? Big mistake. I credit my crap hair day to Johnson & Johnson’s and soap as shampoo. Boo.