The name is Ivy.

I’m a Southern California native who learned to embrace her wavy locks not too long ago thanks to a google search for “how to care for wavy hair.” After realizing my hair doesn’t adhere to the typical asian glossy, stick straight hair stereotype, I’ve since learned how to care for my crazy waves thanks to

I love searching for the perfect skin and hair product and am a firm believer that lipgloss is addicting.

Fall header image courtesy of deviantARTist *puddlz


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Catharine Says:

    Hi Ivy!

    I just found your blog this second. I’m also an asian woman (Chinese ancestry) with atypical curly-wavy hair and I’m so excited to have found you!

    Apparently this feature runs in my mom’s family–what about yours?

    I’m looking forward to reading your hair advice and hopefully finding some great tips. Over time I fluctuate between spending a good hour of hair prep daily to doing as little as possible. I suppose it all depends on one’s current level of patience for the challenges of curly hair. And good product, of course.

    Nice to meet you!

    1. Ivy Says:

      Hi Catharine! Nice to meet you as well. I’m actually Filipina but my great grandmother on my mother’s side was Chinese…and I get my waves from my mother’s side as well. How funny! I hope that my blog can serve you well. Feel free to ask any questions!

  2. Alexis Says:

    Hey Ivy,

    I found your site via’s forums. Thank you for this blog! I too am an Asian with 2b/2c hair, and after years of fighting it (silicones, flat irons, etc.) I have been embracing it. Your hair is very similar to mine, though a bit longer, mine is only at BSL.

    I am overwhelmed (in a good way!) with all the products from your site. I am currently using A/G Recoil for wave enhancement, but am excited with all the potential new products at your site!

    If you don’t mind, based on your experience, with which products should I start experimenting? I’m definitely checking out the BotticelliBabes stuff! You can also email me, or find me on Facebook via my email address if you don’t want to leave a comment here.

    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Ivy Says:

      Hi Alexis,

      I’m glad you’re finding my blog helpful and that you’re embracing your natural waves! BB’s gelee is a great place to start and if FSG ends up working, you could always try your hand at making your own. I would highly recommend hitting up member kathymack over at for some samples. You can find her list here (; she’s sold me quite a number of samples/soap bars already and it’s definitely a great way to try products without breaking the bank!

      I would recommend trying almost everything on kathymack’s samples list but if I had to go with what has worked for me and are definite repurchases I’d opt for kinky curly curling custard; karens body beautiful milk, nectar, and super silky; aubrey organics mandarin magic and B5 gel; giovanni direct leave in; komaza coconut pudding; and aquage molding gel. I’m still toying with curl junkie & donna marie so I can’t give much info but both lines are very well-liked on

      I hope that helps! Happy experimenting! 😀

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