With the change in weather, I’ve had to deal with a change in my hair routine. For the past few days, my hair hadn’t been cooperating well – somewhat frizzy, no boosted waves, not much clumping, and stringy. I decided to do a little mini hair rehab with products that have never let me down: KBB hair milk as a rinse out, KBB nectar leave-in, and my beloved kinky curly curling custard with a dab of biosilk rock hard gelee. With this no-fail combo, I’ve been blessed with two good hair days so far and can say that my hair is well on it’s way to its former self. The crappy hair days have led me to rule out oyin honey hemp conditioner (much as I adore the scent!) and KMS cranberry pepper gel. I purchased two 1/2 litres of it on sale at a beauty supply store and after two days of use, remembered why I didn’t like it. You’d think my “Product Misses” page would serve as a reminder but the PJ in me just saw the word “SALE” next to a product I’ve tried before. While I wasn’t able to get my money back for the purchase (store policy), I was able to score by exchanging the KMS for 4 bottles of OPI nail polish (cajun shrimp, melon of troy, chapel of love, and argenteeny pinkini) plus a 2.5 oz bottle of the yummy banana-scented Hempz herbal moisturizer. Everything in the entire store was 20% off so I ended up getting a MUCH better deal with my exchange.

It had been about 8 months since my last devacut so I scheduled a trim with Shai at Capella Salon. The instructions were to arrive with my hair dry and styled, preferably washed the day before, but since I’m not one for second day hair (and I can’t sleep without my hair in a scrunchie), I cowashed with VO5, rinsed out KBB hibiscus milk, left in some KBB white tea nectar, and scrunched in KCCC + BRHG. Despite applying only the smallest of dabs of BRHG and mixing well with KCCC, my waves felt a little too rock hard after drying. I don’t think I need as much extra hold as others who use KCCC.

When I arrived at the salon, Shai and I discussed what I was looking to achieve with my hair. He was surprised that my hair is naturally wavy and told me that he initially thought I used styling tools to achieve the waves since “they look perfect.” On top of that, Shai was impressed that the natural waves were on an Asian. He mentioned that he has a couple of Korean clients with curly hair but admits that waves/curls on Asians are pretty rare. I thought Shai was really nice throughout the entire cut; he complimented my hair (asked if I ever thought about hair modeling!) which is always nice and we had pretty good conversation.

Afterward, Shai’s assistant washed my hair and set me up under the hood to dry. She exclaimed over the weight of my hair and told me that since my hair is so heavy and thick, she had to apply a LOT of arcangell. We discussed why I rarely, if ever, air dry and always diffuse, and she mentioned that was probably the best way to ensure that the weight of my wet hair didn’t pull out the waves too much. Also, when I told her that while I love the smell of deva products I find that they don’t do much for my hair, she encouraged me to bring in my own styling products to ensure that I get my hair to look and feel the way I want it.

The overall experience was great and was definitely worth the drive. The icing on the cake was walking out of the smock room and having a 3a curly pass me on her way to the ladies room and mention that my hair looked amazing.


So the last two days I’ve been using the scientific method to determine which product or combination of products resulted in the good hair day I had on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s concoction:

  •  Freeman sea kelp volume conditioner for cowash
  •  Yes to Carrots rinse out
  •  Zerran Equalizer leave in
  •  Aura Flaxseed Aloe sculpting gel

I loved how my hair felt and looked that day; nice, soft waves, no frizz, and good hold. I purchased the Freeman on discount at Ulta ($1.99) because it has cocamidopropyl betaine (a light cleanser that I don’t find to be harsh on my waves) in the ingredients.

 Wednesday’s concoction:

  • Shampoo with my SO’s dud, Dudu Osum
  • Yes to Carrots rinse out
  • Zerran Equalizer leave in
  • Aura Flaxseed Aloe sculpting gel

My hair still had nice hold and definition, but there was the frizz associated shampoo days. Granted, it wasn’t horrible, but it was definitely different from Tuesday’s hair.

 Today the melange consists of:

  • Freeman seakelp volume condish
  • Yes to Carrots
  • Zerran Equalizer
  • and yes, the mediocre GF Bold It.

My hair isn’t 100% dry but I already know that GF isn’t going to cut it. The waves look stringier and more weighed down. Yes, there is clumping, but there are also the rogue strands. Also, my hair doesn’t feel as soft.

I clipped and diffused pixiecurl style each day. I alternate between these two dryers: Conair Curl Fusion and an Ion Shine (my model is older so it doesn’t fold in). I like the Curl Fusion when I want something lighter. My only gripe is that the diffusing bowl is short so it can’t hold much hair. I like the bowl on the Ion Shine, but it is heavier.

I’m definitely liking the clipping method I learned from Keyonna at Capella. I notice a difference in volume at the roots. It is a bit “labor intensive” since I have to use a mirror to see the back of my head, but I really like the results. I haven’t counted the exact number of clips I use, but it’s two boxes (total) of these curl clips:

Pre-devacut Post-devacut (still slightly damp) Totally dry Day after style

i LOVED it! Keyonna was fantastic! She sat me down and asked about my previous devacut experiences. When I told that I wasn’t that impressed, she wanted to find out more. Afterwards, she wanted to know what I was expecting and what I wanted to see. I told her that I felt my hair was all one length (she agreed) but that I wanted to keep the length. Keyonna told me that my hair is heavy and that’s what it weighing down the waves. With my hair type, I needed to be broken up a lot to let the waves breathe and come into their own. I knew I was in really good hands, so Keyonna started cutting. After the cut, it was wash time at the wonderful massaging chair wash station. Keyonna’s assistant washed me with No-poo, devacurl one c, and used arc angell. Keyonna said my hair needs the extra hold that arc angell provides. Afterwards, Keyonna had me flip over while she scrunched me with paper towels, and she showed me how to get volume at the roots by slipping my hands in while upside down and shaking a bit. Then, it was a how-to on clipping and then under the dryer for 20. Afterwards, she used the devasun dryer and devafuser to dry my hair a bit more and get more volume. Keyonna also showed me how to style my bangs without having to take out the flatiron like I usually do. Both Keyonna, another stylist, and the receptionist loved my hair. They said the waves were perfect and that a lot of people would pay to have a head of hair like mine. I was quite flaterred of course!

I wish I could get the hang of the drying. I love the volume I had the first day and tried to replicate it both yesterday and today. I could only experiment so much, though, because I was at my SO’s parents’ house for the weekend. I’ll try clipping and drying a bit more to see if it’ll give more boost. I do love not having to break out the flatiron for my bangs. It hides my cowlicks better and looks more natural: wavy bangs, wavy hair. I plan on definitely going back!

It’s obvious that I have a less than stellar relationship with HEBE. My relationship with LOOB is somewhat spicy at times, but lukewarm more often than not. Garnier fructis soft curl cream and I have the most platonic of relationships, and Salon Selective curl energizing mousse and I are practically not on speaking terms.

Today, I used the kirkland conditioner as a rinseout for the last time. It smells alright, albeit a bit too floral for my tastes but not horrendously so, and it seems to moisturize well but it’s just that, alright. Granted it isn’t ridiculously expensive at just $6.99 for two massive bottles, but it’s still $6.99 on a mediocre product. Since costco has a killer return policy, I’m going to get my money back.

For stylers I used 2 dime blobs of Target brand KY jelly (CK substitute), 2 golfball sized blobs of HEBE, and finished it off with 2 half dollar blobs of GFSCC. I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever using massive amounts of products I’m iffy about. My hair looked alright after taking it out of the plop, but I really wasn’t expecting much. I did my usual clip and diffuse and headed to work. My hair felt coated and heavy with all the products but surprisingly enough, it dried with a good amount of volume. The left side of my hair even had more sporadic ringlets than usual. By the end of the day, my hair was still quite wavy, but with about 50% more frizz than usual. The waves were frizzy/defined waves and while it smelled good, it still felt producty.

Tomorrow, I have my first Devacut at Capella salon in Studio City with Keyonna. I’m so excited and nervous!