I’m not bowled over by this gel. It’s pretty dang thick and sticky so applying it to soaking wet hair is still a bit difficult since my hair sticks to my hands. One plus is that it seems to make my hair dry faster. Today I cowashed with Suave tangerine, rinsed out with yes to carrots, scrunched in aubrey organics mandarin magic jelly (not liking this gel), and then topped off with GF bold it. It’s now about 3 hours post application and there’s definite crunch but still some frizz. I’m not sure if the frizz is from the AOMM, GF, or yes to carrots. I’ll be using the bold it for the rest of the week, so we’ll see if my opinion changes during that time. As of right now, it doesn’t have repurchase potential.

Ah, yes to carrots. The thing that I don’t like about it is that while it does provide good slip and doesn’t have a cloying scent, when I rinse out I can see individual strands. My hair just doesn’t want to clump together with this conditioner.

Thank god for the nc.com swap board! I GOT RID OF MY HEBE BOTTLES!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!! Turns out that they don’t carry herbal essences in Belgium. Anyhoot, all 4 extra bottles are now on their way to Sofie in Belgium for her enjoyment. I’m so glad the hebe is now out of my hands!!!


It’s obvious that I have a less than stellar relationship with HEBE. My relationship with LOOB is somewhat spicy at times, but lukewarm more often than not. Garnier fructis soft curl cream and I have the most platonic of relationships, and Salon Selective curl energizing mousse and I are practically not on speaking terms.

Today, I used the kirkland conditioner as a rinseout for the last time. It smells alright, albeit a bit too floral for my tastes but not horrendously so, and it seems to moisturize well but it’s just that, alright. Granted it isn’t ridiculously expensive at just $6.99 for two massive bottles, but it’s still $6.99 on a mediocre product. Since costco has a killer return policy, I’m going to get my money back.

For stylers I used 2 dime blobs of Target brand KY jelly (CK substitute), 2 golfball sized blobs of HEBE, and finished it off with 2 half dollar blobs of GFSCC. I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever using massive amounts of products I’m iffy about. My hair looked alright after taking it out of the plop, but I really wasn’t expecting much. I did my usual clip and diffuse and headed to work. My hair felt coated and heavy with all the products but surprisingly enough, it dried with a good amount of volume. The left side of my hair even had more sporadic ringlets than usual. By the end of the day, my hair was still quite wavy, but with about 50% more frizz than usual. The waves were frizzy/defined waves and while it smelled good, it still felt producty.

Tomorrow, I have my first Devacut at Capella salon in Studio City with Keyonna. I’m so excited and nervous!

I have a ridiculous amount of hair products. It takes up an entire drawer, half of the cabinet under the sink, 4 boxes by the side of my bed, and a bagful of gel that I still haven’t found a spot for.

There are so many combinations I could try but I’m still stuck on one product: HEBE. Maybe it’s the guilt from knowing that I still have about 4 freaking tubes of this gel left (purchased from Ulta on clearance…even though I hadn’t tried it yet. Smart move, I know), but I’m refraining from trying anything new for the time being. I just NEED to get rid of this stuff!!! Once I’m down to one tube, maybe I’ll calm down. For now, I’m going through self-induced days of mediocre hair in vain attempts to get HEBE to work for me…even just once.

In the meantime, the rest of my products sit there, mocking me with the possibility of being an HG and trying to tempt me with promises of better hair days.


Why am I decrying UPS you ask? Well, it’s practically been three weeks and they’re still disputing a claim I made. I had ordered about $100 worth of clothing online and since I’ve had some luck receiving UPS packages in the past, I figured there wouldn’t be any hitches. The UPS website said my package would be delivered on Friday, my usual day off, but I had made plans to visit a friend that day. Since I wasn’t expecting any hangups, I just went ahead with my plans. I got home that evening fully expecting to see my package sitting by my front door only to see nothing. No note, no hastily scribbled delivery note saying it at the front office, nothing. Mind you, the hallway where my apartment is isn’t heavily traveled. It’s just me and my neighbor to the left. A bit put out, I checked the UPS website to confirm, and yup, plain as day, it states that my package was delivered and left at my front door.

I called the shipper and UPS and they set up a tracer. I called each week to get an update and today, I was told that UPS is going on with their story that they delivered the package. Uh…sorry, I’m not going to accept that. I called the shipper again and was told that they will dispute the claim. I then called UPS and told them my story. The agent told me that they would reopen my case. He also told me what their standard procedure is: a UPS agent would stop by my place to see what the problem is and if no one is at home when s/he passes by, they leave a note for me to sign that would be picked up the next day. I informed the agent that in the three weeks time, I hardly saw so much as a scrap of paper on my door. The agent conceded that someone wasn’t doing his/her job. And not only that, but the shipper won’t refund my money or replace the order if UPS sticks to their guns!

I am suspecting that the prankster a**holes who ring my doorbell at odd hours of the night (i.e., 11 pm, 1 am, 2 am) may have a hand in this. We know who they are and we know they know we know who they are. We’ll see.

Sigh. The only good thing from my 30 minute talk to both companies is the good hair day I’m having. I plopped longer than usual since I was on the phone contemplating the likelihood of one day being able to reach into the phone and strangle the person at the other end. Today I cowashed with Suave tangerine, rinsed out walgreens condish, scrunched in 2 dime blobs of Sally’s generic PM the conditioner, scrunched in 4 pumps of salon selectives curl energizing mousse, 2 nickel blobs of hebe, and then the 2 globs of loob. When I took it out of the 30 min plop, I wasn’t too impressed. It looked stringy with a potential to fall apart and just poof on me. I diffused, clipped, diffused again and sat down with my book (The Subtle Knife, btw).

After a couple hours I casually walked into the bathroom to scrunch out the crunch and usual. My SO was in there and he noticed how my hair was much wavier than usual I don’t know that the magic step/ingredient was. The leave-in? The mousse? The longer than usual plop? I’ll have to experiment leaving out one variable at a time. But huzzah for good hair days!

I was due for a shampoo today so I used my SO’s rejected shampoo: dudu osum natural shampoo. Ingreds: Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun(Camwood), Potassium Palkernelate(derived from Palm Nut), Sodium Palm Kernelate (derived from Palm Nut), Glyceride, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Water and Fragrance. I purchased two bottles of it for him from Honeyfig.com because I was sure it had to appease his finicky hair. I was wrong. I’ve had him try practically everything under the sun, but his hair is just too picky.

First off, some background. My SO was using Head and Shoulders with success, but the sulfates were breaking him out on his back and ironically enough, his shoulders. He used Giovanni’s tea tree triple treat shampoo with promising results: his spots were clearing up and he didn’t have any flakes. We named it a success until one day when he didn’t shampoo; the flakes came back. Strike one.

I then had him try a chagrin valley shampoo bar in rosemary mint. It was touted as alleviating dandruff and being all natural, I thought this had to be the solution, right? WRONG. I received the chagrin valley package the day before so I was all excited to use the shampoo bars, too. We both had flaking like none other, his worse than mine of course. Strike two.

He went back on the giovanni in hopes that the flaking was just a fluke, but his scalp was never the same. I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis at the base of my scalp and after using Nizoral several times on it, it disappeared. Ever since then, I’ve been co-washing with low shampoos every 3 days. Since it worked for me, I figured my SO would benefit from it, too. He tried cowashing one day and we were both thrilled because it seemed to moisturize his scalp well, there weren’t any flakes, and I couldn’t smell his scalp at the end of the day like I usually did. Next day? AWFUL flakes. Strike three.

You’d think after three strikes my SO would have refused to be my guinea pig, but keeper that he is, he agreed to a couple more tries. I’m thinking the results we’ve seen with his skin were the driving force. Trial #4 involved the aforementioned dudu osum. The ingredients looked good so, again, I figured it had to work. He wasn’t too keen on the scent – a tart, almost chemical fragrance which is odd considering the ingredients. The first day of use seemed promising but things just went downhill after that. 0 for 5.

So now he’s using Nizoral with the giovanni on off days. We’ll see what happens but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If it doesn’t work, it’s back to H&S. At least we found out what does work for his skin: good ol’ benzoyl peroxide.

Now…where was I? I used the dudu osum, walgreens condish, zerran leave-in, and two jawbreaker globs of hebe followed by jessicurl confident coils styling solution. The combo was mediocre at best. The waves didn’t seem as clumpy as the hebe followed by loob combo and the clumps seemed to separate even as I was applying the ccss. When I took it out of the plop, I was underwhelmed. The waves were really pulled out and thin. I diffused and let it air day and once I scrunched the (slight) crunch, it looked a little more promising, but still nothing to write home about. On a side note, I think that jessicurl may be reaching repurchase status now I’m not getting much frizz with it.

The surprise of the day is Scunci magic-grip hair pins. These suckers are amazing! Just two pins and my hair is up in a messy bun but it feels secure. What a steal for $4.99!

My hair has been pretty good to me lately. Nice waves, not too much frizz, and decent definition. It struck me that I hardly put my hair up now (much to my SO’s chagrin) because I’m happy with my hair. Even when I get home from a long day at work, I’m loathe to pull back the waves into a messy ponytail or bun.

On another note, applying curl creme after gel has been helping with the definition and clumping. Today I used hebe and loob. There is a little bit of frizz but since the humidity is about 70%, I’m not going to lay blame on the new routine. Despite the high humidity, the frizz isn’t nearly as bad as it would be had I not stumbled upon naturallycurly.com. That site has been a godsend.

I’m not one to give up so easily; today I gave LOOB another chance. I used the zerran leave-in (2 dime blobs) and applied 2 gobs of LOOB – I’m talking golf ball size, and then 2 nickels of HEBE. I wasn’t too impressed with the combo when I took it out of the plop. Once my SO and I returned from the movies, however, I was quite surprised with the end result. My hair is soft, hardly any frizz, and with chunky, med-tight waves! I guess I wasn’t using quite enough LOOB. I’ll definitely try this out more to see if it wasn’t a fluke by the hair gods.