Yes, I am a PJ. Yes, I made a vow that I wouldn’t spend a lot on hair care. Yes, in the past two months I’ve purchased KBB samples, Donna Marie and a Curls by Sister Smith Wet Set Pudding sample, more KM bars than I can use in 6 months, a Sedusa, and my newest toy showcased above.  And now there is talk on the boards about Hairveda, Ohm, and Komaza hair care. And not only that – Karen introduced Super Silky ” A perfect styling product for feathery fine straight to medium wavy tresses.” Le sigh. My current stash prevents me from purchasing full sized products. I just have TOO much stuff. Stuff that I need to at least try before blowing my hard-earned dollars on KBB goodies…no matter how much I’m already liking the hair nectar. Yeah, I know. Insert music from world’s smallest violin here.

I’m happy to report that the DevaFuser is a good buy. My good ol’ Conair Ion Shine and diffuser serve me well in forming the wave and starting the drying process but the attachment doesn’t do much for drying near my nape and closer to my scalp. Nor does manipulating my still damp hair to allow the airflow to reach my scalp lend to frizz-less waves. The hand is a bit awkward to move around but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. And for 20% off at Ulta using a coupon, it’s well worth it to have a good amount of volume and not worry about the undercanopy getting smooshed since it’s still damp.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get Angell to work for me. Not even when paired with a thicker gel: GVP PM extra body sculpting gel (still on the fence with this one). As much as I love the scent, I’m pretty much given up on Angell. The fact that it won’t even play well with other gels is really disheartening. Rather than try to off it via the swap boards, I’ll use up the remainder of the bottle and enjoy the scent while I can…although not the midday frizz that comes along with it.


I’m still on a shampoo bar kick. Yesterday, I washed with KM’s windblossom bar but regrettably forgot to pour out ACV for my follow up rinse. I figured that I’ve been able to pull off a no ACV rinse before so my hair shouldn’t cause too much grief. I followed up with Curls coconut, 2 dimes of KBB nectar, 2 peas of white boots, and the remainder of the SS hold and shine gel mixed with LA looks wet look. Well, my waves were boosted and I had volume, but I also had frizz. Ick. Something I haven’t dealt with in a long time since using soap bars and KBB nectar. Mind the frizz wasn’t as horrendous as the first day using KMF upper management, but it was unusual for having had to deal with it in a while. I have now learned my lesson, ACV, and I shall not go astray.

Today, I decided to switch things up and I used a different bar. No, not one of my two new KM bars that I received in the mail, but one of my CV samples: honey beer and egg. I’m interested to see if the proteins in the beer and egg yolk will wreak havoc on my hair like regular ol’ hydrolyzed wheat and the like. The lather was surprisingly thick but it didn’t leave my hair as squeaky feeling as KM’s bar.

I followed up with Curls coconut, KBB nectar (2 dimes), white boots (2 peas), and angell mixed with la looks sport. I have already given up on angell. I know that it will never work on my hair on its own and so I mixed it with a harder holding gel. Esp on a rainy day like this, I did NOT want to have to deal with the minimal hold of angell. So far, my hair is holding up and I get the yummy starfruit scent every time I move my hair.

ETA: Ouch. By midday the hold started to dissipate and the “hold” I experience with angell took over…so basically, about 15 hours later, my hair is frizzier than usual. Boo.


“I co-wash with a pretty natural and very cheap conditioner. It has coconut oil in it, the rest is non descript. Rinse that out and I condition with a heavier conditioner. I leave that one for about 5 minutes. There are two conditioners I like most and sometimes I mix them. One has flaxseed oil in it and the other has honey in it. Both with real simple bases – neither has protein. I pass a wide tooth comb through with the conditioner.

I quick-rinse that out and do a ACV rinse dipping my ends right into the cup of ACV-water mixture before pouring the rest on my hair. I do a super quick rinse out of that.

Then I take about 5 sprays of flaxseed oil in my palm, rub together and then pass over the dripping wet ends. I do another swoop under the shower just to keep it dripping wet.

From there I add my styling product – I want something that gives me good “slip”. I am trying to find something close to CK ingredients over here. I have found about 4 different ones that work about the same. They all have hydroethylcellulose and glycerine in various degrees and some holding ingredients. In the last picture I used Biopoints modelling fluid for blondes.

I learned on a Canadian site (darned if I can find it now) that to get good clumps it helps to use a fine toothed comb. So that is what I do. Ya really need good slip and lots of product (kinda like is shown for CK on their site but more gently!). Hair is really dripping and soaked. When I comb I start with the lower back and split the clumps into smaller sections with my fingers and then throw them back out of the way. When I do the top comb sections upward I clip those as I go (focusing clipping on the upper back area because I tend to get a “great divide”).

Then I scrunch in some gel. The one I used in the picture is Cliniques “strong control gel”. I don’t use much of this because it has such strong hold. Absolutely no raking. Then I turn upside down and swing a bit so my curls can find space and do their thing. This whole styling part takes me about 5-10 minutes to do. It gives me more control than if I just apply products after rinsing up side down.

I let the whole thing sit a bit but sometimes I lightly plop while getting dressed. Plopping tends to give me zig zags so I loosely plop with a MF turban without buttoning it which would be too tight. Then I partially diffuse upsidedown.

Air dry the rest of the way, remove clips carefully and then scrunch out the crunch.

I think what has really been helping me lately has been to do an AVC rince each time I co-wash (about 2-3 times a week) rather than every now and then. I have such hard water it seems to be necessary. And I just discovered scrunching in gel. Before I would just put it on top of the modelling fluid. I think doing that weighed down my curls. I have also be upping the oil treatments and that has really made a difference.”


“I apply a product that gives me good slip. That is the important part I find. I comb my hair standing upright (over the sink because the comb and sopping wet producty hair drip). I too get weird things going on if I do it upsidedown. I do however comb outwards all round and upwards (and clip before releasing) on the top. Then I scrunch in the gel. I turn upside down and swirl a bit so the clumps can find space and do their own thing. You can plop at this point if you like. Then diffuse.

When I comb (fairly big sections) I pass my free hand over the area so I get the clumping (forking my fingers through the comb width – sort of finger combing, pausing at the ends just to toss them back – this separates the clumps into smaller sizes and they stick better together). If I let the clumps get too big I get looser spirals – normally I check later to make sure none are really big, if there is one I will separate before drying. As I work I throw it back out of the way leaving my front for last.”


This is ZigaZaga’s method from Her curls/waves are AMAZING! It sounds like a modified Batia and Aleeza method which I used to do before ( The lemming that I am, I decided to give this method a shot.

I cowashed with suave and rinsed out a bit of the devacurl one condish (for the seaweed feeling). I then applied 1 golfball of KY and ran it over my hair like you would smoothing a ponytail. I combed through with a fine tooth comb much like this:

Jebus, did I get clumps! I did, however, fail to follow through with my fingers to separate the clumps. I didn’t section of my hair into the undercanopy and canopy before combing, with the result that the clumps seemed to extend from the canopy to underneath – basically, each of them was an all-encompassing clump. Lastly, I squished in 2 golfballs of angell (I freaking want a room spray, deodorant, fabric softener, and perfume in this scent!!). I don’t know if it was the combo of the KY and angell, or maybe both mixed with the remainder of the condish, but I definitely had some foaming action. My hair felt heavy and I was a bit nervous thinking that the weight would pull out the curl, but I plopped anyway.

15 minutes later, I took out the plop to diffuse. I was really impressed with the clumping. Usually, rogue strands like to separate while I’m squishing in product upside down, so it was an improvement to see uniform clumps all around. I separated some of the major ones and started diffusing. Clipping was much easier because I was able to choose which clump to clip. I used to have to pick the least offensive portion to clip, but because the strands were better behaved and with their friends, my hair was kind to me.


  1. I can say with all honesty that angell and I can’t work. There is frizz and while I ADORE the scent, the amount that I’d have to use, the less than stellar results, and the price are enough to not warrant a repurchase.
  2. I definitely like the clumps I get from zigazaga’s method. I’ll have to try it out tomorrow with another gel.

So I gave angell one last fighting chance. Not only that, but to ensure that it’s not user error, I pulled out my devacurl products: low-poo, devacurl conditioner, and angell. I was due for a low poo, anyway. I shampooed and applied conditioner like usual, but I didn’t rinse out the condish all the way; I allowed a slightly seaweed feeling to remain. I then flipped over and applied two 3/4 golf balls of angell. I was a bit impressed when I saw the immediate clumping. I plopped for about 15 minutes and shook out my hair a bit. Wow. MAJOR difference between the post-plopping hair today vs. yesterday. I clipped and diffused as usual.

What I still really like about angell is that my hair absorbs it easily…..that and the freaking AMAZING scent. I swear, I really want to like angell because I just want my hair to be smelling like this all the time. I still love the scent of LUSH’s the big tease, but angell is a bit lighter.

When I got to work, I was a bit apprehensive because my hair felt like a puffball. I did a hair check in the ladies room and noticed more clumping than Monday and Tuesday, but a little bit more frizz. I’m thinking the frizz may be attributed to today’s shampooing.

It’s now 7 hours after application of angell and my hair has volume and is slightly more defined than yesterday, but there is frizz.

I’ll give angell another shot with just the conditioner tomorrow.

I think I’ve given angell a chance. Yes, it’s just the second time but I can already tell this is going to be a very short relationship. I did my usual cowash and rinseout, but today I applied 2 golfballs worth of angell instead of one. As Keyonna from Capella Salon said, “If you think you applied enough, you need to apply more.” Considering the lightweight consistency of angell, I don’t see how you could go wrong with more. I really scrunched in the shower to make sure the gel was well distributed and then plopped. Once I took my hair out of the plop, I was underwhelmed: it looked just like my hair after plopping with no product. Sucks.

I know I said I’d try angell on its own, but with the disappointment I could see in the mirror, I didn’t think adding more angell would miraculously fix things. And so, I unceremoniously scrunched in two 1/2 dimes worth of bold it! I diffused and clipped as usual and could see that the left side of my hair – the side that is usually the most well behaved and wavy, was lifeless. It wasn’t frizzy but it just wasn’t as wavy.

It’s about 3 hours later and my hair is already dry. There isn’t too much frizz, but again, there is no definition. I will give angell one more shot and then it’s back into my cave of products. Maybe I’ll give it another go when I switch conditioners, but I definitely won’t be expecting much.

I can’t get over how yummy the scent of this gel is. It’s light, absorbs easily, and isn’t sticky. And did I mention the smell is just to die for? Unfortunately, it’s downfall is in its nature: it’s too light for my hair. I’m starting to get the feeling that my hair responds well with lighter gels. I get more volume and bounce, which is just what I got today with Angell. However, Angell just doesn’t have enough hold.

I cowashed with suave, rinsed with yes to carrots, and scrunched in a golf ball’s worth of angell. My hair seemed to soak it up. I kinda already had the feeling that I might not get the hold I’m looking for, so I scrunched in two dimes worth of the garnier bold it! I was a bit impressed by the clumping I saw after taking my hair out of the plop, but after diffusing and getting ready to clip, I noticed that the waves seemed pulled out.

I didn’t have much time today to check how my hair held up because work is just getting stressful and busier than ever.

My end of the day verdict? Definitely try more angell. I didn’t experience much frizz, it was more a lack of definition. The waves framing my face did seem perkier than usual, but the back of my head was sorely lacking.

First off, can I say YUM??? I LOVE the scent of this gel! I used Oyin HH as a rinse out and added some as a leave-in. I applied about 2 quarter-sized blobs of Angell and scrunch n’ pumped 8 times (as usual). After taking my hair out of a plop, I applied 1 nickel-sized blob before diffusing and another one for good measure after diffusing.

  • pros: smells unbelievably good; I like how it’s absorbed by my hair; having a leave-in kept my hair soft; I noticed some tight, weird looking ringlets
  • cons: expensive, hold is alright; have to use a good amount

I’ll reserve my judgment till I try ArcAngell and Angell with OneC – Devacurl and Devacare.