So yesterday I tried zigazaga’s method. My first attempt was a bust. I did my usual routine but tried to comb in sheam upside down. Yeah….I don’t recommend trying that because after I flipped upright, my hair decided to act like a shelf. I tried to make the best of it but when I took it out of the plop, it was just WAY too stringy.

I hopped back into the shower and did a quick cowash and rinseout. I then combed in ky jelly upright running my fingers in after combing. I scrunched in two dollops of bold it! and re-plopped. I was fully prepared for it to come out hellishly ugly; it was a hot day so putting my hair up wouldn’t cause too much grief. Especially since it’s rare for me to go out with my hair up now.

The SO and I had plans to catch Wall E so I diffused for just 5 min and air-dried the rest of the way. I wasn’t sure how my hair was looking so I high-tailed it to the theatre restroom. I was pleasantly surprised: the combing resulted in even distribution of the KY jelly so there wasn’t one rogue frizzy section sticking out like a sore thumb. The clumps were pretty nice albeit a little skinner than usual. I’m coming to terms with the fact that the new haircut doesn’t result in major clumping like before because it’s all broken up with layers.

I definitely think this is something I’m going to toy with a bit more. I tried it out today and I really think the combing helps break things up a bit to allow like to stick to like i.e., the shorter layers aren’t tangled up within the longer layers. Also, I definitely like the even distribution of product. The only drawback to this method is that my waves are a little more pulled out than usual. I don’t mind that so much if it results in less frizz.

I’m realizing that my hair is definitely meant to be wavy. No amount of scrunching or diffusing can make my hair curlier than it’s meant to be. One thing that lead to my acceptance is this: doing a google search on “how to deal with wavy hair” brought up so many you tube hits of women with straight hair using curling irons to get the waves that come naturally to me.



“I co-wash with a pretty natural and very cheap conditioner. It has coconut oil in it, the rest is non descript. Rinse that out and I condition with a heavier conditioner. I leave that one for about 5 minutes. There are two conditioners I like most and sometimes I mix them. One has flaxseed oil in it and the other has honey in it. Both with real simple bases – neither has protein. I pass a wide tooth comb through with the conditioner.

I quick-rinse that out and do a ACV rinse dipping my ends right into the cup of ACV-water mixture before pouring the rest on my hair. I do a super quick rinse out of that.

Then I take about 5 sprays of flaxseed oil in my palm, rub together and then pass over the dripping wet ends. I do another swoop under the shower just to keep it dripping wet.

From there I add my styling product – I want something that gives me good “slip”. I am trying to find something close to CK ingredients over here. I have found about 4 different ones that work about the same. They all have hydroethylcellulose and glycerine in various degrees and some holding ingredients. In the last picture I used Biopoints modelling fluid for blondes.

I learned on a Canadian site (darned if I can find it now) that to get good clumps it helps to use a fine toothed comb. So that is what I do. Ya really need good slip and lots of product (kinda like is shown for CK on their site but more gently!). Hair is really dripping and soaked. When I comb I start with the lower back and split the clumps into smaller sections with my fingers and then throw them back out of the way. When I do the top comb sections upward I clip those as I go (focusing clipping on the upper back area because I tend to get a “great divide”).

Then I scrunch in some gel. The one I used in the picture is Cliniques “strong control gel”. I don’t use much of this because it has such strong hold. Absolutely no raking. Then I turn upside down and swing a bit so my curls can find space and do their thing. This whole styling part takes me about 5-10 minutes to do. It gives me more control than if I just apply products after rinsing up side down.

I let the whole thing sit a bit but sometimes I lightly plop while getting dressed. Plopping tends to give me zig zags so I loosely plop with a MF turban without buttoning it which would be too tight. Then I partially diffuse upsidedown.

Air dry the rest of the way, remove clips carefully and then scrunch out the crunch.

I think what has really been helping me lately has been to do an AVC rince each time I co-wash (about 2-3 times a week) rather than every now and then. I have such hard water it seems to be necessary. And I just discovered scrunching in gel. Before I would just put it on top of the modelling fluid. I think doing that weighed down my curls. I have also be upping the oil treatments and that has really made a difference.”


“I apply a product that gives me good slip. That is the important part I find. I comb my hair standing upright (over the sink because the comb and sopping wet producty hair drip). I too get weird things going on if I do it upsidedown. I do however comb outwards all round and upwards (and clip before releasing) on the top. Then I scrunch in the gel. I turn upside down and swirl a bit so the clumps can find space and do their own thing. You can plop at this point if you like. Then diffuse.

When I comb (fairly big sections) I pass my free hand over the area so I get the clumping (forking my fingers through the comb width – sort of finger combing, pausing at the ends just to toss them back – this separates the clumps into smaller sizes and they stick better together). If I let the clumps get too big I get looser spirals – normally I check later to make sure none are really big, if there is one I will separate before drying. As I work I throw it back out of the way leaving my front for last.”


This is ZigaZaga’s method from Her curls/waves are AMAZING! It sounds like a modified Batia and Aleeza method which I used to do before ( The lemming that I am, I decided to give this method a shot.

I cowashed with suave and rinsed out a bit of the devacurl one condish (for the seaweed feeling). I then applied 1 golfball of KY and ran it over my hair like you would smoothing a ponytail. I combed through with a fine tooth comb much like this:

Jebus, did I get clumps! I did, however, fail to follow through with my fingers to separate the clumps. I didn’t section of my hair into the undercanopy and canopy before combing, with the result that the clumps seemed to extend from the canopy to underneath – basically, each of them was an all-encompassing clump. Lastly, I squished in 2 golfballs of angell (I freaking want a room spray, deodorant, fabric softener, and perfume in this scent!!). I don’t know if it was the combo of the KY and angell, or maybe both mixed with the remainder of the condish, but I definitely had some foaming action. My hair felt heavy and I was a bit nervous thinking that the weight would pull out the curl, but I plopped anyway.

15 minutes later, I took out the plop to diffuse. I was really impressed with the clumping. Usually, rogue strands like to separate while I’m squishing in product upside down, so it was an improvement to see uniform clumps all around. I separated some of the major ones and started diffusing. Clipping was much easier because I was able to choose which clump to clip. I used to have to pick the least offensive portion to clip, but because the strands were better behaved and with their friends, my hair was kind to me.


  1. I can say with all honesty that angell and I can’t work. There is frizz and while I ADORE the scent, the amount that I’d have to use, the less than stellar results, and the price are enough to not warrant a repurchase.
  2. I definitely like the clumps I get from zigazaga’s method. I’ll have to try it out tomorrow with another gel.

So I gave angell one last fighting chance. Not only that, but to ensure that it’s not user error, I pulled out my devacurl products: low-poo, devacurl conditioner, and angell. I was due for a low poo, anyway. I shampooed and applied conditioner like usual, but I didn’t rinse out the condish all the way; I allowed a slightly seaweed feeling to remain. I then flipped over and applied two 3/4 golf balls of angell. I was a bit impressed when I saw the immediate clumping. I plopped for about 15 minutes and shook out my hair a bit. Wow. MAJOR difference between the post-plopping hair today vs. yesterday. I clipped and diffused as usual.

What I still really like about angell is that my hair absorbs it easily…..that and the freaking AMAZING scent. I swear, I really want to like angell because I just want my hair to be smelling like this all the time. I still love the scent of LUSH’s the big tease, but angell is a bit lighter.

When I got to work, I was a bit apprehensive because my hair felt like a puffball. I did a hair check in the ladies room and noticed more clumping than Monday and Tuesday, but a little bit more frizz. I’m thinking the frizz may be attributed to today’s shampooing.

It’s now 7 hours after application of angell and my hair has volume and is slightly more defined than yesterday, but there is frizz.

I’ll give angell another shot with just the conditioner tomorrow.

It’s my first summer modified CG and I’m already getting a bit frustrated. Temps are high (95+) and there is no humidity or dewpoint to even consider. It’s just dry, dry, dry. I decided to phase out cremes because I figured the combo of creme+gel would weigh down my hair. So, I’m just using gels. I spent the weekend at my parents’ so I took my bottle of Biotera gel. With all the rave reviews on, I thought it would be a no brainer.

Saturday I cowashed, rinsed out yes to carrots, scrunched in two peas of zerran leave in, and topped off with three puddles of biotera. There wasn’t much clumping, but the biotera seemed to have good hold. I scrunched out about 2 hours later (only pro with the heat: shorter air dry time) and my hair was soft and wavy. Two more hours later and my hair was up with the scunci magic grip pins. The almost 97+ degree weather in Eagle Rock was RIDICULOUS!

Today I snuck a puddle from my sisters Johnson’s shampoo: Johnson’s Baby No More Tangles Shampoo+Conditioner, Straight Hair (yeah, I’m not a straightie like my sis but I was in need of a shampoo and the ingredients didn’t look too bad). Ingreds: Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG 80 Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, PEG 150 Distearate, Decyl Glucoside, Polyquaternium 44, Glycerin, PEG 12 Dimethicone, Fragrance, Tetrasodium EDTA, Quaternium 15, Violet 2 Blue, May Contain:, Citric Acid. I could do without the strong baby fragrance, but it was surprisingly gentle on my hair. I then rinsed out walgreens detangling, and scrunched in three puddles of Biotera. My hair was nice and wavy until I stepped outside. I’d swear my hair just deflates in the heat; I lose volume and the waves loosen up. I don’t know if this is something I just have to accept with the SoCal heat or if I just need to find the right product. Anyhoot, a pooh pooh to you, Mr. Sun.

Let me start of by saying IT’S DAMN HOT. It’s about 104 outside right now. I had to go shopping for my sister’s birthday gift and the minute I step outside, I can feel my skin burning. Nice.

Today I cowashed with Suave, rinsed out with yes to carrots, and applied two 1/2 inch ribbons of SheaM. The bold it wasn’t really doing much for clumping, so I figured adding my favorite SheaM would do something. Afterwards, I topped off with about 2 nickels of bold it. After scrunching in the gel, I could tell that there was already some clumpage. I scrunched with my flour sack towel and then plopped for about 10 minutes. I diffused, clipped, diffused some more, and tried to air dry. I was in a bit of a rush because the SO and I made lunch plans and I some other errands to run. Despite the heat outside, it’s relatively cool in my place, so I try not to turn on the ac unless I just can’t take it. That said, it wasn’t that nice trying to air dry my hair. My back was getting damp and the gel was making my hair stick to my back. The result was that the bottoms started to get frizzy as I was air drying. Well, I sucked it up and headed out into the 100 degree weather with my 1/3 dry hair.

Fast forward to 3 hours later and my hair is in a bun. As much as I loved the waves I got, I just couldn’t take the extra heat generated from leaving my hair down. And so, I can’t tell how the SheaM and GF bold it experiment turned out. I’m home now with the ac on and my hair down, but it’s just a mess. My hair is soft, but I can’t tell if the combo was a success or failure. At least there’s tomorrow.

I was due for a shampoo today so I used my SO’s rejected shampoo: dudu osum natural shampoo. Ingreds: Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun(Camwood), Potassium Palkernelate(derived from Palm Nut), Sodium Palm Kernelate (derived from Palm Nut), Glyceride, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Water and Fragrance. I purchased two bottles of it for him from because I was sure it had to appease his finicky hair. I was wrong. I’ve had him try practically everything under the sun, but his hair is just too picky.

First off, some background. My SO was using Head and Shoulders with success, but the sulfates were breaking him out on his back and ironically enough, his shoulders. He used Giovanni’s tea tree triple treat shampoo with promising results: his spots were clearing up and he didn’t have any flakes. We named it a success until one day when he didn’t shampoo; the flakes came back. Strike one.

I then had him try a chagrin valley shampoo bar in rosemary mint. It was touted as alleviating dandruff and being all natural, I thought this had to be the solution, right? WRONG. I received the chagrin valley package the day before so I was all excited to use the shampoo bars, too. We both had flaking like none other, his worse than mine of course. Strike two.

He went back on the giovanni in hopes that the flaking was just a fluke, but his scalp was never the same. I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis at the base of my scalp and after using Nizoral several times on it, it disappeared. Ever since then, I’ve been co-washing with low shampoos every 3 days. Since it worked for me, I figured my SO would benefit from it, too. He tried cowashing one day and we were both thrilled because it seemed to moisturize his scalp well, there weren’t any flakes, and I couldn’t smell his scalp at the end of the day like I usually did. Next day? AWFUL flakes. Strike three.

You’d think after three strikes my SO would have refused to be my guinea pig, but keeper that he is, he agreed to a couple more tries. I’m thinking the results we’ve seen with his skin were the driving force. Trial #4 involved the aforementioned dudu osum. The ingredients looked good so, again, I figured it had to work. He wasn’t too keen on the scent – a tart, almost chemical fragrance which is odd considering the ingredients. The first day of use seemed promising but things just went downhill after that. 0 for 5.

So now he’s using Nizoral with the giovanni on off days. We’ll see what happens but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If it doesn’t work, it’s back to H&S. At least we found out what does work for his skin: good ol’ benzoyl peroxide.

Now…where was I? I used the dudu osum, walgreens condish, zerran leave-in, and two jawbreaker globs of hebe followed by jessicurl confident coils styling solution. The combo was mediocre at best. The waves didn’t seem as clumpy as the hebe followed by loob combo and the clumps seemed to separate even as I was applying the ccss. When I took it out of the plop, I was underwhelmed. The waves were really pulled out and thin. I diffused and let it air day and once I scrunched the (slight) crunch, it looked a little more promising, but still nothing to write home about. On a side note, I think that jessicurl may be reaching repurchase status now I’m not getting much frizz with it.

The surprise of the day is Scunci magic-grip hair pins. These suckers are amazing! Just two pins and my hair is up in a messy bun but it feels secure. What a steal for $4.99!

…a cornucopia of hair products:

  • giovanni triple tea treat shampoo (the day before, I mixed the dregs of the sample bottle of aloeba with the dregs of oyin hh; it left my hair feeling overconditioned)
  • walgreen’s bioinfusion professional the detangling conditioner
  • 6 pumps of salon selectives curl energizing mousse
  • 2 quarter blobs of jessicurl ccss
  • 2 half dollar blobs of loob

I applied the curl creme (loob) last, diffused, clipped, and did a loose plop. The result? Nice clumping, minimal surface frizz, and the usual scraggly bottoms have some nice curl to them. It’s still too early to say if the experiment is a success, but I will say that I like the walgreen’s condish.

Ingreds: Deionized Water – Aqua , Isododecane , Cetearyl Alcohol , Behentrimonium Methosulfate , Isohexadecane , Rosemary Extract – Rosmarinus Officinalis , Henna Extract – Lawsonia Inermis , Chamomile Flower Extract – Anthemis Nobilis , Aloe Vera Gel – Daucus Carota Sativa , Carrot Oil , Algae Extract , Jojoba Extract – Simmondsia Chinensis , Carrot Extract – Daucus Carota Sativa , Grape Seed Oil – Vitis Vinifera , Fragrance – Parfum , Citric Acid , Tetrasodium EDTA , DMDM Hydantoin , Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate , Bisamino PEG/PPG-41/3 Aminoethyl PG-Propyl Dimethi , PEG-12 Dimethicone

A 13.5 oz bottle for $8? Not bad. The scent is yummy and it provides good slip. I parted my hair in the shower and applied the condish (idea courtesy of and combed through. My hair felt very silky and moisturized and I didn’t have to use a lot.