For the sake of experimentation (and to see what bars really do for my hair) today I did a cowash with Suave peach essence, rinsed with an ACV/honey mix (I know that it isn’t necessary with a cowash but I need to get rid of a particular ACV bottle), and conditioned with KBB milk in cocomango. I scrunched in a nickel of CJ coffee coco and being my alertself at 415 in the morning, I forget to apply some to my other side and proceeded to scrunch in a dime of PBH passion shine +  a quarter of LA looks sport on either side. I diffused with my Sedusa and Devafuser and clipped. I truly do love the Sedusa. My hair, of course, is never going to be 3a status but I do love how my hair dries so much faster with the contraption. My Devafuser also has a special place in my heart because it dries my roots and nape quick style. Now, when I get to the office, I can scrunch the crunch within an hour! I plan on alternating between cowashing and bar washing this week to see if there will be any buildup at the roots.

In other news, I’m loving the L’oreal HiP jelly balms. I have them in all colors (thanks to BOGO at Walgreens) and I can’t really pick a favorite color from amongst them. What’s great about these little pots is that they marry both color and shine in the perfect package. My main gripe with most lipglosses is that the color isn’t true to the pot and that it wears off pretty quickly. With the HiP pots, the color is true to the pot but sheer and it wears surprisingly long for a lipgloss. Also, the caramel scent is incredible. The MUA reviews are a bit mixed; it seems as though some women were expecting the color to be true to the pot. I think a lot of them forgot that uh, it’s a lipgloss? so there has to be some give and take. On the flip side, the jelly balms are pretty pricey as far as lipglosses go so I would definitely only purchase this during BOGO time.


The SO and I finally finished the V05 sun kissed raspberries and have moved on to an old ass bottle of Suave peach essence conditioner that I found stashed under a sink in my parents’ house. It’s runnier than the Suaves I have stashed away (coconut, tangerine, and a couple others) and my boyfriend is only tolerating it so far until I break open one of his beloved V05 washes. I’ve also finished my bottle of Pantene curl scrunching gel. I found it to be mediocre so I won’t be adding this to my repurchase list; it’s not that it was bad, it just wasn’t that great. It would be fine in a pinch, however.

Today’s hair routine was: water rinse/scrub, peach essence cowash, regis vivid satin condish (this is nice but the floral scent is starting to get to me…and I don’t feel like it’s really doing much in terms of nourishing my hair), gdli, and l.a. looks wet look gel. I scrunched the crunch with Suave professionals healthy curls spray gel (I’m liking this!) The result?

Not bad eh?