My hair 24 hours after cowashing with VO5 calming chamomile + a quarter sized puddle of CON (red), rinsing out NG rose and persimmon and zerran equalizer (my hair felt a tad dry after rinsing out the NG), and scrunching in 3 half dollar puddles of BB’s FSG with honey, mag sulfate, and vanilla scent.

I am really impressed by BotticelliBabe’s flax seed gel concoctions. I definitely did see more curl enhancement with this gel but I think my clumps were more pronounced with the agave version. I’ll have to look into trying honey, agave, AND mag sulfate…I wonder.

I noticed a ton of shine, a good amount of crunch, and great frizz control. Considering the weather was not my friend today – rainy, drizzly, and gloomy overall, the extremely minimal amount of frizz is mind-boggling.


My hair is still recuperating from the awful experience with B2B Jasmine. On Wednesday, I meant to add some honey to the Essential rinseout but I had a bit of a brain fart and just added it to my GDLI. The result was less than spectacular. My hair was a bit stringy, sticky in some places, and my waves were pulled out. On Thursday, I remembered to add the honey to my rinseout and I still wasn’t impressed. Friday, I just x-nayed honey completely and used JCHCC, TS, soaked my hair in Oyin J&B leave in, KY jelly, MopTop mixed with spike it, and sprayed HESMU spray gel halfway through diffusing. I scrunched out the crunch with Samy Big Curls curls defining creme. My hair looked great that day!!! Last night, for a night out with my friends, I used JCHCC, TS, TS leave in, KY, JCRR mixed with spike it, and sprayed Loreal Tightly Wound. I scrunched out the crunch with a pump of Tigi Curls Rock. Oh . My. God. FABULOUS hair! I think that JC works for my hair when I use all the products together and use a leave-in before rocking ringlets. I saw ringlets mixed in with my waves and my waves were soft, seriously boosted, defined, and frizz-free! I’d post a pic but I can’t find any where I don’t look tipsy.

I’m a bit on the fence with TJ Essential condish. It seems a bit too thin for my liking and I don’t get the ridiculous slip I do with Too Shea.

For my skin, I’m using GoW’s Fruity Exfo cleanser (love it!!), homemade ACV toner, and honey as a face mask at times and my skin couldn’t be happier. I love that cheap, natural products are working wonders for my skin.