So far, I’ve determined that while my hair likes Komaza’s coconut hair pudding, it decidedly does not like the califia care conditioners and leave in. The conditioner didn’t provide enough slip and the leave in didn’t seem to provide much moisture.

Luckily, beauty by donna marie’s detangler was something my hair enjoyed when used as a leave in; I have as yet to try it as a rinse out.

LA Looks gels that are/were most popular on (sport and durahold) just aren’t cutting it for my waves. They don’t provide enough hold and, oddly enough, weigh my hair down.

The much-lauded AG Recoil ended up a failure for my hair. It wasn’t application friendly, made my hair stringy, and it didn’t boost my hair at all. After trying to stick it out for 4 days, I was reminded why my hair only tolerates so much magnesium sulfate.

The MUCH cooler temperatures allowed sheamoisture to make a comeback and what a comeback it was! My hair clumped, smelled delicious, and was moisturized to boot! I was afraid that my quasi super soaker method of raking in leave in and adding more water wouldn’t work with a leave in as thick as sheam but I was (happily!) proven wrong.

With the cooler temps requiring more moisture, I don’t think my bottle of HSH pumpkin conditioner is cutting it. I pulled out my bottle of david babaii for wildaid hydrating conditioner and so far things seem to be going tolerably well. I will note that I’m amazed at how the conditioner seems to multiply in my hair; a little nickel’s worth of condish seems to multiply into a quarter’s worth. It provides a good amount of slip but I’m waiting to see if my hair will react to the protein content. 

There are so many new product lines/items discussed on the boards that I’m dying to try but my wallet and the size of my current product stash weigh heavily on my mind. Hopefully once these friggin’ furloughs are over, I can partake of the donna marie, amourai organique, darcy’s botanicals, shescentit, njoi creations, and whispering windz love.

I admit that I haven’t been as picture happy as I was earlier this year. The combo of work-related stress and foiled experiments have led me to be less update and picture upload friendly. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced a hair day where I wanted to shake my fist to the skies and grumble. If anything, I’ve found that what I consider to be horrible hair days still garner some compliments…oh the irony.


Um, what happened?? I was basking in the lovely fall temperatures with its sunny, crisp days and mellow dewpoints…only to be cruelly taunted for half a week when 90+ degree weather reared its ugly head. Honestly, can the weather please make up its mind??

I’ve been chugging along with ecostyler krystal and chi infra gel and the combo has helped me keep hair sanity throughout the fluctuating temps. The only variables throughout the past two weeks have been conditioners and leave ins. In hopes of pleasing the fall gods with harvest scents, I recently pulled out my bottle of healthy sexy hair pumpkin conditioner and sought to give curls by sister smith’s wet set hair pudding one last shot. So far, the deliciously scented pumpkin conditioner has been keeping my waves pretty happy and it seems like the weather gods were pleased by my offering as the forecast for the rest of the week, today being the only exception, looks like the we’ll be in the low 70s. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, I’m just not getting along at all with WSHP; it leaves my waves stringy and somewhat dry yet oily at the same time. It’s tolerable enough for stay at home days but it just doesn’t hack it as a leave in or styling cream.

I’ve been using and liking CHI’s infra gel so I was pleasantly surprised to see bottles at my local TJ Maxx. My PJ was kept in check by my ever-so-watchful SO and my own guilt, so I only purchased two bottles at $7 each! Since it retails for about $12-14 at local beauty supply stores and can be somewhat hard to find, I was a happy camper. Beat that deal! CHI isn’t really discussed much on the boards but I did find two threads that liken it to the old formula BRHG. I’ve never tried the old BRHG so I can’t really compare but compared to the BRHG I have in my arsenal, CHI is thinner and more application friendly since it isn’t as thick. 

I bit the bullet and chucked my 85% full tub of GoW’s rose clay cleanser into the trash. I debated keeping it for evening use but after using CR’s goat milk mango beauty bar and seeing my skin purge as if by magic, I knew that the clay cleanser had to hit the waste bin ASAP. Unfortunately, the goat’s milk mango bar isn’t available for purchase on the Camellia Rose website; I was lucky enough to score one as a consolation for such a late order.

As for Camellia Rose’s facial elixir, my skin wasn’t bowled over. It performs as well as any of my skincare oils but is pretty concentrated (1-3 drops should do it). I have two gripes about the elixir which land it on the “In a pinch” list: 1) it doesn’t perform any better or worse than my other skincare oils, and 2) it’s a hassle having to shake the bottle to put the sediment back into solution.