Well color me impressed by an Aussie gel! I’ve tried Aussie’s sun touched shine and sydney smooth tizz no frizz gels before but wasn’t impressed so I was expecting much of the same from the aussome volume line. My first experiment was a success with the aussome gel under a dab of brhg. My second experiment consisted of KY jelly used a leave in under the aussome gel and although it wasn’t a glowing success, it did show that this aussie gel has a good amount of crunch on its own; nothing compared to MGA, brhg, or the other major holders, but nothing to scoff at either.

To test aussome’s crunch and hold factor, yesterday I used KBB super silky as my leave it. KBB SS is one of the more moisturizing leave ins in my arsenal and quite a few “hard holding gels” haven’t lived up to their claims when faced with KBB SS. Aussome Volume was no exception but it did have one redeeming quality; although the crunch lessened throughout the course of the day, my hair still held together rather well and the result was loose, soft, sexy, touchable waves – I can’t complain with that!

Today’s experiment (Curl Junkie’s coffee coco curl creme as a leave in under aussome volume) wasn’t a flop per se since I still have some definition, hold, and not much frizz, but it wasn’t the best combo. It may be user error (I had a tough time applying the CJ CCCC using my latest product application method of raking and rewetting) or the ingredients just didn’t mesh well. I’ll have to revisit this one tomorrow.

Garden of Wisdom has few product duds in my book. Sure, there will be the occasional reaction to a product (the strawberry scrub fiasco) or sometimes I don’t notice a distinct positive or negative effect by a product (some kind of glow detox serum) but it’s never been enough to make me shy away from Markey’s wonderful concoctions. I’ve always been able to place GoW products into two categories: repurchase or not-a-chance-in-hell. However, my current cleanser, the pumpkin/papaya enzyme mask+cleanser has me completely perplexed! I use two cleansers daily: a light cleaner in the am to remove any nightly treatments and a deeper cleanser (currently a Camellia Rose beauty bar) to remove my mineral makeup and ensure a clean canvas for my night routine products.

I started off using the pumpkin cleanser in the shower and decided it wasn’t exactly shower-friendly. Sure, it left my skin relatively clean, but since the consistency isn’t substantial enough to the point where I knew where the cleanser was on my face, I had to take it to the sink. So far I’ve used it as a mask and a cleanser in the am and it seems to work rather well. The major drawback to the cleanser is 1) consistency: it’s pretty much like pumpkin puree and therefore isn’t as shower friendly as a cream or gel cleanser; 2) scent: pumpkin with a dash of vinegar and a hint of garlic which, looking at the ingredients list, is exactly the case; 3) it’s easy to tell you’ve used it looking at your sink i.e., it leaves little bits and pieces behind on the porcelain. That being said, it still does a great job of cleaning and leaving my skin silky smooth true to the properties listed on the website. I may repurchase it because of the results but the drawbacks weigh just as heavily as the cons.