I’ve beenusing Tigi MM for the past two weeks and can say that it really doesn’t do much for my hair. Much like jillipoo’s blog entry on empty conditoner syndrome, I agree that “It goes on light, has great slip, and smells pretty.” However, that’s all it does for me. I’ve been noticing that the last few times I’ve been using this conditioner my hair just doesn’t have that slippy clumpiness to it after rinsing it out. To verify that it’s the conditioner and not the leave-in I’m applying, I conditioned with Giovanni smooth as silk yesterday and got the slippy clumpiness I’m used to with most other conditioners I’ve tried. Again, just to test my theory, I conditioned with Tigi MM this am after a shampoo bar and ACV/honey rinse and once I started to rinse it out,  my hair felt a bit rougher and there wasn’t much clumping action; in fact, it seemed as though some hairs were repelling each other. This brought to mind the way my hair acted with Back to Basics Jasmine conditioner. While Tigi MM provides more slip than B2B, I feel that it falls into the “junk food conditioner” category in that it satisfies my hair’s moisture needs but doesn’t really add any nutritional benefit so to speak. I’m really starting to realize that my hair prefers conditioner with more natural ingredients; it just responds better and I feel like I’m taking better care of my hair by feeding it with better, more natural ingredients.

Today’s hair is a bit of a fluke. I forgot to add my leave in prior to applying today’s gel mix (half dollar of LA looks sport with a nickel of PBH passion shine). I stood there in the shower for a few seconds in cold, dripping disbelief and thought about going sans leave in but the winter weather brought to mind images of frizzy hair so I applied two dimes of GVP Paul Mitchell The Cream after the gel. I was pleasantly surprised to see some immediate clumping and wave enhancement!

I Sedused and, as luck would have it, forgot to diffuse the crown with my DevaFuser. Pooh to my spazzing out this am. However, it’s now 3 hours later and I’m able to scrunch what little crunch there was. I have good definition, good clumping, and the fact that cream was applied post gel made for less crunchy hair. I’ll definitely have to try this out with my CJ coffee coco cream.