Who knew I could get such amazing clumps from a $2.99 32 oz. tub of gel?? It doesn’t provide enough hold for my waves but it sure makes up for it in the clumping area! What’s odd about this gel is that the consistency doesn’t lead you to believe that it will produce clumps; it’s sticky, thick, and isn’t the best at distribution until you add a bit of water, smooth and scrunch away. 

I read the two biggest threads on the general forum about this gel and despite the dirt cheap price tag, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add a mondo tub of gel that I wasn’t entirely sure would work for my hair to my product stash. A coupon in the mail for 20% off your entire purchase from Sally Beauty quickly changed my mind. (Unfortunately, I didn’t let the PJ run amok in the store and I walked away with the gel, one cake eyeliner, and a yummy banana scented lotion). With protein in the ingredients list, I wasn’t expecting much when using the product over time as most protein-containing gels result in strawlike hair when used for more than a week. However, I’ve been using ecostyler for over a week with no protein overload symptoms yet!

On Tuesday I cowashed with vo5, conditioned with aohr, used about a dime’s worth of kbb milk as a leave in, applied about 3 half dollars’ of ecostyler with water, and topped it off with chi infra gel for extra hold. My hair was soft, super clumpy, and frizz free despite a dewpoint of 62 and 84% humidity. I even had one of our office techs ask if I had recently permed my hair since it looked much wavier. Yesterday I used kbb super silky in lieu of the nectar and my waves were even tighter!! Lest it just be a fluke due to reintroducing AOHR into my routine, I used Aura cherry almond bark conditioner followed by kbb super silky as a leave in again and was rewarded with chunky, clumpy waves again. Ecostyler is a keeper!