Oh how fickle you are. I’ve tried Joico, AG cosmetics, Herbal Essences, and GVP Paul Mitchell (twice) and sometimes my hair seems to do relatively well with it and other times its a complete disaster.

Yesterday I cowashed with suave toasted vanilla and sugar (scent = YUM!), rinsed out Inecto coconut, and applied generous amounts of GVP PM sculpting foam topped with aura hypoallergenic gel for extra hold. My issue with mousse is that my hair tends to swell up by midday due to lack of hold. I had previously tried aura hypoallergenic on its own and find the hold to be in the medium range so I figured using mousse+gel wouldn’t result in helmet hair. When I SOTC yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see nice ringlets amongst my waves and pretty decent hold. Frizz wasn’t an issue but volume was sorely lacking. My hair looked decent but weighed down.

As for the inecto rinse out, I think I’m starting to get disillusioned. It does moisturize and provide good slip upon application but the slip immediately disappears once I rinse it out. Just a minute or two after rinsing the inecto out, my hair feels like it was never conditioned to begin with – rough, tangly, clumpy, and difficult to run my fingers through.


I just can’t. I feel icky even though I of course take a body shower and my scalp feels congested. I’m sure it’s due to the fact that I’m naturally an oily person. Despite vigorously raking my scalp with my fingertips during a water wash, my scalp feels oily just 3 hours later. And trying to achieve 2nd day hair has me self-conscious about how my scalp smells. Since my stylist told me that my hair is very healthy in spite of daily cowashes or low poos and diffusing, I don’t feel too hard pressed to reduce how often I wet my hair.

As for hair pics, I’m dealing with a bit more frizz than I’d like. Daily use of the Freeman sea kelp conditioner with its cocobetaine and minor amount of protein has lead to some dry hair. And the inecto conditioner hasn’t done much to help balance moisture levels. Add to that experimenting with gels and it makes for a less than perfect combination.

I really enjoyed my experience with Lora Johnson at Papillon Salon. Although it was radically different from the deva experience I was getting used to, it was a welcome change. I came in with my hair styled as usual and Lora took a good amount of time determine the shape of my face: square with a bit of concave to it as my forehead is a bit wider and my high cheekbones make it sink in the middle a bit; it could also have been heart shaped but my widow’s peak isn’t as pronounced and my jaw isn’t pointed. After determining the shape of my face (something no stylist has EVER done outright), Lora decided that my bangs and layers are good idea but that they need to tweaked a bit with more side layers and movement of the part of my bangs to soften my forehead and temples a bit and allow for a more oval look. I also found out that even though I diffuse every day, my hair was in great shape. Lora also determined my hair type: medium/coarse which made much more sense then the “fine” classification I was previously told. Since my hair can tolerate protein to a certain extent and not daily at that, this definitely rings true.

Lora then took a comb to my waves.

Yes, she combed out my waves. I was a little bit horror-struck at first since I was used to the stylist just start cutting but Lora seemed to know what she was doing. She looked at all sides of my hair and pointed out that the right side was 3 inches longer than the left and that there weren’t as many layers as there should be to allow for better movement and wave enhancement. Lora told me that my hair needed to be slithered to make my waves pop. The technique is a little bit hard to describe but she basically took a section of my hair and ran her scissors vertically down the length. She did this throughout the rest of my hair and also evened out the ends. She washed my hair with re:coil shampoo and conditioner, towel dried a bit with a terry cloth towel, and started diffusing. I know the re:coil conditioner isn’t silicone free and that a terry cloth towel is a no-no, but despite that, I knew I was in capable hands the minute I saw my hair dry.

She let me take over after she scrunched in some re:coil curl activator and liquid fx so I promptly flipped my hair upside down and started diffusing and adding gel as necessary. Once my hair was 75-85% dry, I started arranging my bangs and the rest of my canopy since I didn’t have any clips to kinda “set” things. It was great to hear one of Lora’s coworkers gush over how great my hair looked. It really did.

It’s now two days since the cut and my sisters have seen pics from the day of and one of my coworkers yesterday complimented me and said that looking at my hair made her want to get a perm. Yay! And this despite not using any of my tried-and-true  products (aura gel and cvs curl gel yesterday over kbb milk)!

I’ll post some pictures once the weekend rolls around and my hair has recovered a bit from the shampooing I did today to ensure removal of the silicones from the conditioner.

Today I styled with GoW healthy hair serum and my FSG mixed with some seamollient. I just SOTC and my hair looks all nice and bouncy after last night’s DT.

I’m pretty amazed by the biolage styling products I’ve purchased: the molding souffle, bodifying creme gel, and the sculpting jelly. Today I decided to try a new product so out came the last of the biolage products I purchased a while ago. The ingredients definitely don’t fall under the “all natural” category [Water, VP/Acrylates/Lauryl Methacrylate Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, PEG 10 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum, PEG 40, Methylparaben, Laureth 4, Limone, Hexyl Cinnamal, 2 Oleamido 1, 3 Octadecanediol, Coumarin, Linalool, Butylphenyl, Methylpropional, Hydroxycitonellal, Amyl Cinnamal, Butylene Glycol, Geranoil, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, Isoeugenol, Citral, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Citronellol, Saccharum Offcinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract, Akebia Trifoliata Stem Extract] but hey, if it works why not? I cowashed with Freeman seakelp smoothing conditioner, rinsed out inecto coconut condish, used my flour sack to blot some water out of my waves, and opened up my tub of biolage sculpting jelly. The consistency is a bit odd; its definitely a gel but rather than smearing all across my palms when I rubbed my hands, the dollop pretty much stuck together. It’s like a gel version of rubber cement. I ended up using about 3 nickels worth to make sure my hair was evenly covered and not just patches here and there.

After plopping I applied 2 dimes of curls goddess glaze and diffused as normal. Once I carefully took  my hair out of the Sedusa, the crunch was amazing. I used my devafuser on the roots for just a couple of minutes and clipped. Rather than getting under the hard hat as I usually do, my hair seemed to have a pretty good styling product cast going so I just did my thing for about an hour and a half before unclipping. 8 hours and one active little 9 1/2 month old nephew later, the result is still pretty good.

It does feel a bit rough so I’ll have to try it out with a bit of leave in underneath. Also I’m in dire need of a haircut so I’m looking forward to meeting Lora Johnson (formerly of HotHeads in Pasadena and Escape in Claremont) on Tuesday. Thank god for finding a well-reviewed stylist in my area! If she’s as good as all the reviews make her out to be, I may have to pass on the 1+ hour drive to Studio City and Capella Salon. Not that I didn’t like Capella – Shai and Keyonna are fabulous and if I still lived in Eagle Rock, Capella would be my salon of choice, but Upland and Lora are only 30 min away!

Today I shampooed with my generous sample of Hoity Toity’s sheer satin shampoo in the yummy red apple fragrance, conditioned what was left of my bottle of KBB milk and added a bit of Inecto’s pure coconut oil conditioner (which smells delish!), and scrunched in about a nickel of afroveda’s curly custardfollowed by CVS’ generic curl gel after scrunching out some water. I topped it off with gel-les’s and princess glaze after plopping and prior to diffusing. There was a bit of frizz after drying under the hard hat but a bit of kbb cream rectified that. I had tried the afroveda cc + cvs curl gel once before on a stay at home day and was impressed by the curling I saw in the shower. Needless to say, the combo came out great! I see nice waves, definition, and good hold without the dreaded dry feeling from a protein-laden gel. Even with the dewpoint at 57 right now, may hair is looking pretty good.  As for the shampoo, it didn’t seem to strip my hair. Yes, there was a squeaky feeling during rinsing but the feel of my hair was akin to gvp nexxus aloe rid – clean but not rough like the way the organix shampoos found at target make my hair feel.

Skincare wise, I’m still REALLY liking avalon organics’ wrinkle defense for my eyes. It’s moisturizing, reduces lines and doesn’t clog my pores. I truly see a difference with this eye cream…even over the PSF cranberry eye gel I liked so much. As for skincare combos, I’ve found that  GoW lemony mint cleanser mixed with the skin friendly cleanser makes for a phenomenal face wash. On their own, I found both cleansers to be a bit mediocre but combined you get the great skin clearing aspect of the lemony mint but without the slick, not-really-clean feeling that a non-sudsing cleanser has and the moisturized, foaming action of the skin friendly without the feeling of not having truly gotten down into your pores.

I’m having great success with my sample of Camellia Rose’s nilotica synergy butter. All you need is 1/2 a pinkie nail sized dollop mixed with the hyaluronic acid of your choice, some distilled water for spritzing and you’re set for good moisture and hydration.

Today’s warm, muggy weather would normally lead me to have my hair up by midday, that is, unless I used seamollient mixed 50:50 with my homemade FSG!! The combo was amazing! Defined, soft, frizz free waves and curls with amazing body and hold. I’m in love with it! I took some pictures but they just don’t do it justice. The day was quite windy and of course I had to enjoy the weather with my windows down as I was driving; despite the wind, my waves still look great and the minor frizz is nothing a little smoothing with cream or butter couldn’t fix. Today’s routine was a water wash which I rarely do, condition with kbb milk mixed with aloeba, my homemade fsg, plop, and 2 dimes of curls princess glaze prior to diffusing.

I’ve been using Avalon Organics’ CoQ10 wrinkle defense night cream as an eye cream for the past 2 weeks and have to say that I’m pretty impressed. Although I was a bit wary about possible pore clogging from the dimethicone and the fact that it’s a cream, I haven’t had any problems so far but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!! The fine lines I’ve noticed seem to have diminished and my eye area feels nice and hydrated. My eyes aren’t irritated nor does the cream make makeup application difficult.

The past two weeks have been rather interesting. The week prior was spent racing to meet district deadlines for report approvals and experimenting with some items in my PJ stash. This past week, on the other hand, was spent getting over a nasty cold…in June! Oh the irony.

I’ve still been enjoying my last batch of FSG but the bottles, tubes, and jars of hair products boxed away in my walk-in closet were taunting me to the point where I had to take a break from homemade goods.

I’ve had success with my tub of Biolage sculpting jelly in the past, so I decided to try out the molding souffle as well as a bottle of CVS’s generic version of LA Looks’ Curl gel.

I’m really impressed by the Biolage. I know the ingredients aren’t all that natural but my hair didn’t freak out; it looked soft, wavier than usual, and touchable. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said with the CVS gel. Daily use of the gel led to protein overload. I used it today with a more natural cream underneath (Afroveda curly custard) and my hair seemed to respond better with the combo.

One combo worth remembering is GoW majik lockes and Fairy Tales’ curly Q natural curl maker gel topped off with Curls’ gel-les’c and princess glaze which, unfortunately, will be discontinued. My hair looked great! Wavy, frizz free, soft and defined. My only gripes are that majik lockes is a little cost prohibitive and the princess and goddess glazes will be discontinued. Luckily, I stocked up on the glazes due to the sale so I should be set for quite some time.