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div>After the frustration brought on by bain de terre’s lemon balm, I has been using biolage’s molding souffle to rehab and bring my hair back to normal. Thankfully, it only took about 3 days to bring my hair around and I was able to try out a new gel – Aussie’s Aussome Volume gel.

I cowashed with VO5’s clarifying conditioner and conditioned with equal parts Nexxus Nectaress conditioner & NG’s chamomile and  lemon verbena conditioner. I styled with the aussie gel (roughly 3 quarters worth) topped with about a dime’s worth of BRHG. Initially, I wasn’t impressed by the clumping I saw with the aussome volume but that changed to surprise once I scrunched in BRHG. I plopped, diffused with both my sedusa and hardhat and was able to SOTC about 30 min out of the shower. The result is nicely defined, boosted waves with minimal frizz. I’ve pulled it back into a low ponytail because the weather in SoCal has been so wonky lately but despite the extreme fog driving into work (currently 71 degrees, 94% humidity, and a dewpoint of 70!!!!!) my hair hasn’t poofed out like it usually does with these conditions! 

I’ll end with three hilarious videos for you to enjoy.

and my love, Will Ferrell, here and here.


Within the past week I purchased the following items: Theraneem leaf & aloe vera gel, another tub of KCCC, kinky curly come clean, kinky curly spiral spritz, jason natural hi shine styling gel, bigen and herbatint hair dyes,  abba pure finish gel, and a BOATLOAD of samples/full-size items from Camellia Rose skincare and Garden of Wisdom.

I think I’ve outdone myself this time.

With the change in weather, I’ve had to deal with a change in my hair routine. For the past few days, my hair hadn’t been cooperating well – somewhat frizzy, no boosted waves, not much clumping, and stringy. I decided to do a little mini hair rehab with products that have never let me down: KBB hair milk as a rinse out, KBB nectar leave-in, and my beloved kinky curly curling custard with a dab of biosilk rock hard gelee. With this no-fail combo, I’ve been blessed with two good hair days so far and can say that my hair is well on it’s way to its former self. The crappy hair days have led me to rule out oyin honey hemp conditioner (much as I adore the scent!) and KMS cranberry pepper gel. I purchased two 1/2 litres of it on sale at a beauty supply store and after two days of use, remembered why I didn’t like it. You’d think my “Product Misses” page would serve as a reminder but the PJ in me just saw the word “SALE” next to a product I’ve tried before. While I wasn’t able to get my money back for the purchase (store policy), I was able to score by exchanging the KMS for 4 bottles of OPI nail polish (cajun shrimp, melon of troy, chapel of love, and argenteeny pinkini) plus a 2.5 oz bottle of the yummy banana-scented Hempz herbal moisturizer. Everything in the entire store was 20% off so I ended up getting a MUCH better deal with my exchange.

It had been about 8 months since my last devacut so I scheduled a trim with Shai at Capella Salon. The instructions were to arrive with my hair dry and styled, preferably washed the day before, but since I’m not one for second day hair (and I can’t sleep without my hair in a scrunchie), I cowashed with VO5, rinsed out KBB hibiscus milk, left in some KBB white tea nectar, and scrunched in KCCC + BRHG. Despite applying only the smallest of dabs of BRHG and mixing well with KCCC, my waves felt a little too rock hard after drying. I don’t think I need as much extra hold as others who use KCCC.

When I arrived at the salon, Shai and I discussed what I was looking to achieve with my hair. He was surprised that my hair is naturally wavy and told me that he initially thought I used styling tools to achieve the waves since “they look perfect.” On top of that, Shai was impressed that the natural waves were on an Asian. He mentioned that he has a couple of Korean clients with curly hair but admits that waves/curls on Asians are pretty rare. I thought Shai was really nice throughout the entire cut; he complimented my hair (asked if I ever thought about hair modeling!) which is always nice and we had pretty good conversation.

Afterward, Shai’s assistant washed my hair and set me up under the hood to dry. She exclaimed over the weight of my hair and told me that since my hair is so heavy and thick, she had to apply a LOT of arcangell. We discussed why I rarely, if ever, air dry and always diffuse, and she mentioned that was probably the best way to ensure that the weight of my wet hair didn’t pull out the waves too much. Also, when I told her that while I love the smell of deva products I find that they don’t do much for my hair, she encouraged me to bring in my own styling products to ensure that I get my hair to look and feel the way I want it.

The overall experience was great and was definitely worth the drive. The icing on the cake was walking out of the smock room and having a 3a curly pass me on her way to the ladies room and mention that my hair looked amazing.

I’m a homeowner! Well, part homeowner; my parents put in the down payment and will be paying the HOA and1/2 the mortgage. My parents have been planning on purchasing a second home as an investment for a while and with prices the way they are, they jumped at the opportunity to buy a 3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, w/ all the appliances included and upgrades like none other for $300k. Of course they won’t be retiring within the next year or two, so rather than rent it out to strangers, I’ll be living there with the option to buy them out if I decide I like the house.

The plus is that I’ll be living in a house and paying just as much as I am in my apartment. The bad side is that if I decide to buy them out, it will take a while to pay them back since I’m not exactly rolling in the dough. And, since my SO still has his house, if I decide to buy them out he won’t be able to help me with the payments until he sells his…if he even wants to.

In hair related news, I completely spazzed out this am and scrunched with my flour sack towel before I had even applied my gel. The result? Crispy, defined waves in some areas and loose, fluffy undefined chunks of hair in others. My hair is of course in an updo now.

I don’t think I like thick leave in like sheam as much as I used to. I’m using the CJ coffee coco as a leave in/styling cream and it just doesn’t distribute as well as KBB nectar. Unfortunately, I also have the CJ leave in and another bottle of SheaM in my stash. I may just have to put up the butter-type leave ins on the swap board….along with my Conair hairdryer/diffuser.

I received my shampoo bars and KBB samples from Kathymack on Tuesday and I of course had to sample the bars the first chance I had. I have been using the carrot milk and honey bar from Chagrin Valley and have been pleasantly surprised by the softness, wave formation, body, and lack of frizz each time. Since KM’s hair has been responding so well to an all natural routine, I figured it was worth a shot. I lathered with the wind blossom bar (smell leaves much to be desired; kinda “granny” smelling), rinsed with an ACV and honey mix, rinsed out my KBB milk sample in coco/lime (scent is not one one of my favorites), scrunched in the KBB nectar in white tea (I’m surprised at how much I like this scent!), scrunched water out with  a flour sack, scrunched with a MF towel once out of the shower, and applied two scoops of KCCC. There was no frizz, my hair felt soft, and I noticed a half sausage curl buried within my waves. However, I didn’t feel like there was as much body as I had with the CV carrot bar and I didn’t notice as much wave boosting. I tried the wind blossom bar again today, rinsed out what was left of the regis vivid satin, applied some KBB nectar in white tea, and srunched in two dimes of LUSH the big tease. As of 2.5 hours later, my hair is dry but it’s half up with some clips. (I don’t think I put enough gel).

The verdict so far? Shampoo bars are giving me good results and without the same-day frizz that I usually get  on low poo days. I definitely want to experiment more. As for KBB, so far I’m not experiencing anything earth-shattering. It seems like any other leave-in for me. I’ll try Kathymack’s routine for a week or so to see if KBB products really contribute to healthier and better-looking hair.

I fully accept and cherish my wave pattern. I know I’m not a curly and I don’t try to pretend to be nor do I wish I was. One thing that I find bothersome on the boards is that a majority of wavies are unhappy that they aren’t a curly. There is a thread about the “Woes of a Wavie”, “Are you generally happy with your hair pattern?”, and talk about whether a perm is the way to go to achieve a curlier look. I find it disheartening. Yes, there is the whole “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality, but I can’t understand why for some it’s so hard to embrace the waves. I think waves are sexier than curls. They are more versatile as it’s easier to go straighter or curlier on any given day. I know I can’t convince a wavy to love her waves if she’s really dead set on achieving a curlier look. What I’m trying to say is that wavy hair isn’t bad. And it’s easier to learn to love and work with them than it is to hate them and try to make your hair what it’s not.

The past few weeks we’ve had some pretty weird humidity. Actually, just humidity itself in general. For it being the Inland Empire in the summer, it’s really quite odd. Not only did I experience humidity out in Rancho Cucamonga, but also in LA. I was at my parents’ house this weekend for my older sister’s baby shower and even in Eagle Rock (between Pasadena and Glendale), it was ridiculously humid!!! (Ok, not Hawaii or tropical style humidity, but enough to warrant a “WTH is up with the weather?!?!?” response). My other sister and a friend and I were setting up for the shower at 10 am and it was muggy and overcast. Thirty minutes later the sun was out but there was still that muggy feeling. I hung a couple of decorations underneath the canopy and I was already sweating! It was unfortunate that I was already dressed and had my hair ready for the party. By the time people showed up, I was at the point where I was constantly tossing my hair off my back because it was sticking.

I’m having a tough time finding the right products to use with this odd weather. I’ve been experimenting with a couple gels and experiencing mediocre hair. This past weekend I brought along my LUSH big tease gel which hasn’t gotten me down yet; unfortunately, the humidity made my hair all damp and reactivated it so touching my hair in any way resulted in slightly sticky hands.

Yesterday I tried out Biolage bodifying creme gel. Unfortunately I can’t find the ingredients list online but I’m pretty sure it’s CG. I read the ingredients list on all products I purchase and stay away from as many ‘cones as I can. I don’t shy away from dimethicone or cyclomethicone since I’m modified CG, but I do stay away from cyclopentasiloxane and try to limit my ‘cone use. The consistency is more gel-like than a creme. It’s a little bit like a thicker runny gel. Imagine LOOB but a runny version. I used about three pumps on each side over a quarter’s worth of KY jelly. I scrunched in 2 nickel’s worth of MopTop over it and plopped. First off, let me say that the zigazaga method has been failing me a bit. Rather than getting the clumps I’ve gotten used to, the clumps are stringier than usual. I don’t know if my hair is crying out for a DT (I haven’t done one in a while) or if it’s just rebelling because of the weird weather. Either way, I wasn’t anticipating any Wow! when my hair dried so I was quite surprised to see voluminous, soft, clumpy, albeit somewhat frizzy, waves.

To determine whether or not it was some freakish half blessing from the hair gods, I used the biolage again today. I used SheaM underneath and squeezed out some water, applied 3 pumps of biolage in addition to a pea’s worth of spike it on each side, plopped, and diffused. I still had the wet stringy waves, but now, after scrunching out the crunch with GF brilliantine shine water-based shine wax (a thanks to Shellynot for that one!) my hair is voluminous, clumpy, and wavy with some ringlets! The frizz factor is higher today and I’m thinking it’s because the SheaM wasn’t distributed well enough. Then again, the dewpoint is 61 and humidity is 78%. I will update later on in the day to report on how it held up.

I was updating Curltalk on and came across this thread. Wow! I am so flattered! I never thought my hair could be something to work towards. I have to retry the KCKT/KCCC combo sometime. I loved it before I had my most recent haircut so I’m hoping the feeling will still last with the shorter hair and new method.

As for the Suave Sebastian Wet dupe? I’m feeling lukewarm about it. I have to find out which one of the two new products used today was the major contributor to the blah hair day. LLL coco light is my prime suspect but innocent until proven guilty, eh?

Can I just say that I hate humidity? Give me my dry desert air!!

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