Finally the weather has started to cool down and stay somewhat consistent. Lovely low 70s temperatures but still the gorgeous sun. What more could a girl ask for? Actually, I can think of a LOT of things but we won’t go into that.

I’ve been alternating the past four days between GVP conditioning balm and NG’s lemon verbena conditioners to balance out moisture and protein and have been pretty happy so far. Stylers, however, are a whole other issue. I’ve been trying to work with jason hi shine and while it does provide pretty good clumping, it isn’t notable enough to make it to the hits list. I’ve tried it on its own, under a hard holding gel, with a  leave in or curl creme, and it just isn’t doing much.

I actually straightened my hair today so my newest experiment, krystal eco styler gel, will have to wait until tomorrow.