div>After the frustration brought on by bain de terre’s lemon balm, I has been using biolage’s molding souffle to rehab and bring my hair back to normal. Thankfully, it only took about 3 days to bring my hair around and I was able to try out a new gel – Aussie’s Aussome Volume gel.

I cowashed with VO5’s clarifying conditioner and conditioned with equal parts Nexxus Nectaress conditioner & NG’s chamomile and  lemon verbena conditioner. I styled with the aussie gel (roughly 3 quarters worth) topped with about a dime’s worth of BRHG. Initially, I wasn’t impressed by the clumping I saw with the aussome volume but that changed to surprise once I scrunched in BRHG. I plopped, diffused with both my sedusa and hardhat and was able to SOTC about 30 min out of the shower. The result is nicely defined, boosted waves with minimal frizz. I’ve pulled it back into a low ponytail because the weather in SoCal has been so wonky lately but despite the extreme fog driving into work (currently 71 degrees, 94% humidity, and a dewpoint of 70!!!!!) my hair hasn’t poofed out like it usually does with these conditions! 

I’ll end with three hilarious videos for you to enjoy.

and my love, Will Ferrell, here and here.