Yes, I’m getting frustrated. I have so many products that I have to go through but I’m at the point where experimenting just doesn’t have the allure it used to. The look of a new product, new scents, textures, the anticipation of finding out how your hair will react to it…all that has lost its lustre. I guess I could blame crappy hair days and the temptation to just break open my tub of KCCC and be done with it, but I’m just plain tired. The guessing game of “Will my hair love this?” is just tiring already. I have enough products on my Hits list that would ensure no product satiation. The last few product experiments, I’ve ended up tossing the remainder of a failing product into the bin to prevent days of figuring out just how to get it to work for me.

As you can imagine, bain de terre’s lemon shaping balm just didn’t work for me. The consistency and texture should have almost guaranteed a product hit, but it ended up being a big dud. Poor frizz control, too much stickiness which led to frizz upon application, and next to no hold meant 2/3 of the tube being tossed.

Luckily, all is well in skincare land. CR’s coconut shea beauty bar and stay the day moisturizer are ensuring wonderful skin and my Pretika is keeping my pores happy.