I’m not sure what to make of this product. It’s clear like any other gel but tackier than others. There seems to a decent amount of hold but both times I’ve tried it, I’ve either mixed it with a more runny gel to help with distribution or I’ve had AVG or a leave in underneath.

NC.com reviews are quite few so I’m winging it a bit. I’ll have to try it out on its own tomorrow but with it being so thick and sticky, I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out.

In skincare news, I’ve been happily using my Pretika for about a week now and loving the results. The slight forehead lines I did have are doing a disappearing act and my skin is absorbing products much better. I’ve haven’t noticed a major reduction in pore size on my nose but I don’t think anything, save a miracle, could fix that. The noticeable pores on my cheeks are a different story and actually seem smaller!

As for cleansers, my skin just wasn’t loving Camellia Rose’s just shea cleanser. Ingredients-wise it isn’t all that different from her creamy shea and calendula cleanser so I’m not really sure why my skin reacted the way it did. My pores felt a bit clogged and it showed. Not that my skin broke out, thank god for that, but I did get one lovely deeply clogged pore and one matching blackhead. Ugh.