I used to think that Suave and VO5 were interchangeable as a cowash; they were both cheap and seemed to do the job. Oh, how naive of me. The horrible hair days I’ve been experiencing as of late could possibly have been attributed to poor product/method choices but most likely are due to using Suave toasted vanilla as a cowash.

How am I so sure that Suave is the culprit? After another week of bad hair days, I turned to tested and true products: homemade fsg, curls coconut sublime, ky jelly, and biolage sculpting jelly. Despite using winning products I was still fighting a losing battle with my hair. Clumpless, undefined, frizzy, wiry, tangly – words I never thought would consistently enter my hair vocabulary again almost 2 years after discovering nc.com. After reading a threadabout feeling buildup and gunk where a couple of members chimed in about Suave as a cowash, the light bulb (finally) went off. I lugged my cowash stash out of the closet and opted for VO5’s clarifying conditioner. I cowashed, rinsed out coconut sublime, styled with FSG and diffused as normal and…tada! Lo and behold! My clumps were back! Day by day, my waves are making progress but aren’t quite at the level they were at before I followed up the drying Freeman conditioner with Suave naturals.