I haven’t been having the good hair days I experienced last year and I’m sure it’s due to too much experimenting with products and methods. The last few weeks I’ve been poring over my PJ stash trying to use up products I suspect are least likely to earn possible or absolute repurchase status. So far, I’ve been able to rule out a couple of items:

  1. mousse – From this point forward, I refuse to give in to mousse hype. My hair just doesn’t like it and I’m glad I didn’t cave in and ask my sister about the stash of mousse I gave her
  2. aura naturelle hypoallergenic gel – caused my hair to feel suffocated by a weird plastic/rubbery shell. It has pretty decent hold but it’s nothing spectacular.
  3. aussie tizz no frizz – doesn’t have any particular benefit. It foamed upon application and frizzed my hair
  4. suave #8 gel – nothing special
  5. ag hard jel – LA Looks gels are better than this! My hair felt plasticy, coated, and dry. As for hold, it’s a stretch to say “extra firm” and “extreme hard hold” in the same sentence.
  6. ohm crown of glory herbal shampoo and conditioner – Oy. Where do I start? The shampoo sounds gentle enough (Ing: Distilled Water, Vegan Shampoo Base, Olive Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Infusion of Nettle & Horsetail-promoting healthy hair, Yarrow, Lavender, Natural Thickener, Rosemary, Potassium Sorbate, and Fragrance Blend) and the fruity/minty smell isn’t gag-inducing but my hair felt instantly matted, tangly, and rough. After I washed it out, I looked to with hope since it looked luscious and moisture-packed enough (Ing: Distilled Water, Vegan Conditioner Base, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Infusion of Nettle & Horsetail-promoting healthy hair, Yarrow, Lavender, Natural Thickener, Rosemary, Potassium Sorbate and Fragrance Blend) but I was sorely mistaken; I might as well have applied lotion to my hair for all the moisturizing qualities of this conditioner. The half dollar sized blob I smoothed on just sat on my hair and didn’t spread at all. Raking it through was exactly how I imagine raking lotion onto wet hair would feel. You can bet there wasn’t any slip and my hair didn’t feel any different once I rinsed it out…or from what I could tell since my hair felt tangled from beginning to end.

As for method mishaps, call me a sucker for experimenting with the many-paged thread on rudeechick’s “Super Soaker Method for Promoting Clumps.” I don’t really have an issue getting clumps and time and time again I’ve experimented with fine tooth combs (zigazaga method) and the Denman brush but 12 pages of discussion wasn’t easy to overlook! I’ve gotten one good hair day out of this method but it hasn’t been easy to duplicate and I’m not a fan of the skinnier clumps I get trying it out.

After almost a month of experimenting, I’m throwing in the towel. This morning I clarified to remove any buildup, deep conditioned, and went back to my trusty homemade FSG. I plan on using tried and true products to get my hair back to normal and reverting to experimenting with one product at a time.