Oh how fickle you are. I’ve tried Joico, AG cosmetics, Herbal Essences, and GVP Paul Mitchell (twice) and sometimes my hair seems to do relatively well with it and other times its a complete disaster.

Yesterday I cowashed with suave toasted vanilla and sugar (scent = YUM!), rinsed out Inecto coconut, and applied generous amounts of GVP PM sculpting foam topped with aura hypoallergenic gel for extra hold. My issue with mousse is that my hair tends to swell up by midday due to lack of hold. I had previously tried aura hypoallergenic on its own and find the hold to be in the medium range so I figured using mousse+gel wouldn’t result in helmet hair. When I SOTC yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see nice ringlets amongst my waves and pretty decent hold. Frizz wasn’t an issue but volume was sorely lacking. My hair looked decent but weighed down.

As for the inecto rinse out, I think I’m starting to get disillusioned. It does moisturize and provide good slip upon application but the slip immediately disappears once I rinse it out. Just a minute or two after rinsing the inecto out, my hair feels like it was never conditioned to begin with – rough, tangly, clumpy, and difficult to run my fingers through.