I just can’t. I feel icky even though I of course take a body shower and my scalp feels congested. I’m sure it’s due to the fact that I’m naturally an oily person. Despite vigorously raking my scalp with my fingertips during a water wash, my scalp feels oily just 3 hours later. And trying to achieve 2nd day hair has me self-conscious about how my scalp smells. Since my stylist told me that my hair is very healthy in spite of daily cowashes or low poos and diffusing, I don’t feel too hard pressed to reduce how often I wet my hair.

As for hair pics, I’m dealing with a bit more frizz than I’d like. Daily use of the Freeman sea kelp conditioner with its cocobetaine and minor amount of protein has lead to some dry hair. And the inecto conditioner hasn’t done much to help balance moisture levels. Add to that experimenting with gels and it makes for a less than perfect combination.