Today I shampooed with my generous sample of Hoity Toity’s sheer satin shampoo in the yummy red apple fragrance, conditioned what was left of my bottle of KBB milk and added a bit of Inecto’s pure coconut oil conditioner (which smells delish!), and scrunched in about a nickel of afroveda’s curly custardfollowed by CVS’ generic curl gel after scrunching out some water. I topped it off with gel-les’s and princess glaze after plopping and prior to diffusing. There was a bit of frizz after drying under the hard hat but a bit of kbb cream rectified that. I had tried the afroveda cc + cvs curl gel once before on a stay at home day and was impressed by the curling I saw in the shower. Needless to say, the combo came out great! I see nice waves, definition, and good hold without the dreaded dry feeling from a protein-laden gel. Even with the dewpoint at 57 right now, may hair is looking pretty good.  As for the shampoo, it didn’t seem to strip my hair. Yes, there was a squeaky feeling during rinsing but the feel of my hair was akin to gvp nexxus aloe rid – clean but not rough like the way the organix shampoos found at target make my hair feel.

Skincare wise, I’m still REALLY liking avalon organics’ wrinkle defense for my eyes. It’s moisturizing, reduces lines and doesn’t clog my pores. I truly see a difference with this eye cream…even over the PSF cranberry eye gel I liked so much. As for skincare combos, I’ve found that  GoW lemony mint cleanser mixed with the skin friendly cleanser makes for a phenomenal face wash. On their own, I found both cleansers to be a bit mediocre but combined you get the great skin clearing aspect of the lemony mint but without the slick, not-really-clean feeling that a non-sudsing cleanser has and the moisturized, foaming action of the skin friendly without the feeling of not having truly gotten down into your pores.

I’m having great success with my sample of Camellia Rose’s nilotica synergy butter. All you need is 1/2 a pinkie nail sized dollop mixed with the hyaluronic acid of your choice, some distilled water for spritzing and you’re set for good moisture and hydration.