I received my most recent GoW order (with seamollient, veggie hair serum, majik lockes in apple blossom and the healthy hair serum amongst other things) yesterday. Yay!

This a.m. I added about an oz. of seamollient to my latest batch of FSG and I think it helped a lot with the consistency; I add some oils (Oyin after bath oil), mag sulfate, citric acid, honey and agave nectar, and xanthan gum to my flax seeds (50:50 of brown and golden flax) and while the consistency is akin to that of biotera gel, the seamollient helped thicken it a bit more.

I scrunched in about a half dollar’s worth of the majik lockes and felt a bit concerned since my hair absorbed it so well. I scrunched in some kbb nectar, my fsg + seamollient and topped it off with some mop top after plopping.

When I SOTC I immediately fell in love with how my hair looked. Nicely defined and bouncy waves with great root lift! My wave pattern looks even tighter than in my avatar – something I’ve been noticing when I usee kbb + fsg. My hair feels really soft but the fsg+ seamollient and mop top gave me a good amount of crunch. By the end of the day the wave definition and hold hadn’t decreased but there was a bit of frizz showing. I’ll have to try the combo out tomorrow since today was a co-poo day.