My hair these days have been a bit of a hit and miss. I’m slowly but surely working my way through my kathymack samples. So far, my hair is liking the CJ line: curl theory conditioner, curl assurance leave in, and (surprisingly) the aloe fix gel. The smoothing gellie is still something I’m trying to figure out. It seems more like a cream/leave in/curl enhancer as opposed to something that should be giving light hold. Unfortnately, I’ll have to use both the gellie and the aloe gel with a harder holding gel since neither of the two provide enough hold for my waves. Today I cowashed, rinsed out curl theory, scrunched in a dime’s worth of curl assurance leave in, three dimes of the smoothing gellie, and three nickel’s of the aloe gel. I was amazed by the waves I was seeing in the shower before and after srunching out the water. However, my amazement turned to a bit of disappointment once my hair was dry; there was a good amount of frizz, and no definition or boosting…but my hair felt great.

And now for my blackberry updates…

May 18th: co-poo with alaffia and vo5, aloeba rinse out, homemade fsg with 5 nickels of cj aloe fix – decent hair day. Good hold from the cj but some frizz. Skinnier clumps but decent wave definition

May 19th: cowash, kbb milk rinseout, fsg & cj aloe fix – good clumping and definition, medium hold with minor crunch, but slight frizz after 2 hours.

May 20th: cowash, hoity toity red apple scented conditioner, fsg + cj aloe + nexus phyto organics emphasis gel – good clumping, definition and waves up to the crown; more crunch, but skinnier waves

May  21st: alaffia wash, kbb milk rinseout, fsg & nexxus phyto organics emphasis gel – good clumping, definition, crunch, and hold but slight frizz.

May 22nd: cowash, kbb milk rinseout, mop top & fsg – good definition and boosting. Good amount of crunch but skinnier clumps. No frizz to deal with so a good hair day overall.

My experiments to date have led me to the following conclusions: my hair doesn’t like aloeba or mostly aloe gels (works better with a stronger gel mixed in).