And who wouldn’t? For starters, they work better than your basic towel (which incidentally isn’t a friend to your curls/waves) and look super cute in your bathroom to boot!

You may be wondering what makes these towels so special so here’s a great rundown of the features of these cute towels:

  • You have to admit this looks much better than the wet t-shirt hanging on the back of your doorTheir smooth texture wicks away just the right amount of water and helps set the curls, without introducing frizz
  • The ergonomical, tubular shape makes it easy to rotate during use
  • The brown color doesn’t become discolored by residual hair dye
  • The towels include a convenient loop for hanging
  • They make your favorite curl-friendly styling products work better
  • It helps set the curl and encourage “Curl Clusteringβ„’” for improved definition while reducing separation
  • Unlike terry cloth, they do not introduce frizz or cause split ends and breakage
  • And its a great, earth-friendly alternative to using paper towels

Still need a bit more convincing? Check out the Curls Like Us FAQ, the spotlight article, and see what curlies/wavies are saying about the CLU towel vs other hair towels over in CurlTalk.

In order to win a set of these towels all you have to do is post a comment. Next Friday, April 17th, I’ll randomly select the winner using the difficult, complex science of putting names in a bowl. I’ll notify the winner and announce it here and Curls Like Us will get in touch with the lucky individual to send them the towels.