I’ve been using KCCC for the past two weeks or so trying to get my hair to graciously segue into spring and so far I’ve been relatively successful. During this time I’ve learned that KCCC gives me the crunch that most hard holding gels offer and once the crunch is scrunched out, I’m left with nice, clumpy, softly defined waves. If I want a bit more definition, it means mixing KCCC with another gel. Now which gel works well with KCCC is an experiment unto itself.  I’ve tried it mixed with LUSH’s the big tease and found that to be a bust; rather, the big tease works well as a finishing gel lightly scrunched in over KCCC. I tried KCCC mixed with Giovanni la naturals and was awarded for my efforts with decreased definition and increased frizz. KCCC mixed with some KMS cranberry pepper was a little bit better but much stickier. The stickiness of the KMS resulted in individual strands leaving the KCCC clump mothership and venturing off into frizz territory. The definition was a little bit better but again, I disliked how sticky the mixture was and how it affected the clumps when scrunching it in.

Yesterday was a stay-at-home day (gotta love Cesar Chavez and state holidays) so I toyed with kathymack’s homemade FSG. The consistency is a little bit more liquidy than either mine or BB’s FSG but that’s because both BB and I add a thickener. Other than consistency and a little bit less hold, I didn’t find kathymack’s FSG to be much different from mine or BB’s. All three impart a good amount of moisture, encourage clumping, and the usage rates (quite a bit) were the same.

Today I cowashed with VO5 chamomile, rinsed out AOHR and scrunched in a healthy amount of kathymack’s FSG. I also scrunched in a little bit of Aubrey Organics B5 design gel to add a little to the hold factor. It’s still drying so we’ll see how it turns out.

In skincare news, I’m really impressed with HoityToity’s silk-jojoba spray lotion. I previously brought this sample (from the very generous owner, Jan) along with me to my SO’s mother’s house and was surprised by how moisturized my skin was with this spray lotion. I’ve been using the remainder of my sample for the past two days and my skin has never felt better. Since it doesn’t require a lot of spritzes to give you the amount of lotion you need, I imagine that  it could last a while…not to mention that Jan’s scents are delicious! I have this is cotton candy and it smells YUMMY!

Well, my hair has dried and the results are really nothing to get too excited about. The area closer to my crown is elongated and the clumps aren’t as large as they were yesterday. There is also a bit more frizz.

I received one of many packages I’m expecting: my Ohm Body hair product samples. I ordered sample sizes of the herbal shampoo and conditioner, hibiscus tea moisturizer, and the sweet hair pudding on Sunday evening and it arrived today. I love fast shipping! Since I don’t want to wash my hair for the sake of trying these out (I’m not THAT obsessed with my hair), I’ll just list the noticeable characteristics. The shampoo is clear and the peppermint fragrance is more noticeable than the conditioner. The conditioner looks nice and thick and the banana and kiwi fragrances dominate. The hibiscus tea moisturizer is a clear, slightly tinted pink serum that smells very much like hibiscus. While I don’t normally like floral scents, this isn’t too cloying. The sweet hair pudding is definitely pink and looks like cake frosting. Its scent is reminiscent of strawberries but not overly so.

I would love to play with my samples tomorrow but I’ll be heading out of town for the rest of the week for a mini vacation/bday getaway courtesy of my all too wonderful SO and I’d rather not have to deal with horrendous hair should the Ohm products and I not get along well.