I had been counting down the days til spring so I could change my wintery layout but once the 20th rolled around, as fate would have it, I was nowhere near a computer. Why am I a fan of the season? The blue skies, sunny days that aren’t too cold nor too hot, dew points above 35 F, and the minor fact that I’m an April baby all contribute to my love for spring.

I spent this past weekend at my SO’s mom’s house in Canoga Park. The weekend forecast was none too exciting – gloom, cold, and rain so I just grabbed my VO5 cowash, kbb milk sample in hibiscus, and my 2nd to the last bottle of homemade FSG. I haven’t been able to get consistently good results at the Canoga Park house so I wasn’t expecting very many good hair days that weekend. Imagine my surprise when my SO’s sister and her GF (both of them stylists) tell me that my hair is fabulous – both the color, condition, and texture! My SO’s sister’s girlfriend actually told me that my hair color glows and she was surprised to learn that no, I don’t use a curling iron to create loose ringlets & waves.  That really put a smile on my face…that and finally tracking down some Girl Scout Cookies! Yum!

Today I cowashed with VO5, rinsed out Oyin HH, and scrunched in a good amount of homemade FSG.  My hair today was less than stellar – no frizz, but stringy waves and not much wave-boosting. My hair still smells like the Aussie 3MM deep treatment I gave it yesterday afternoon after having my hair flat-ironed by my SO’s sister “to see how I look with straight hair.” I suspect that the Oyin HH & FSG styling combo imparted a bit too much moisture so I’ll definitely use HH with a stronger, harder-holding gel tomorrow.

I’m still really on the fence about this conditioner. I will keep using it up if only for the scent alone but I get the feeling that it may just end up falling into the “good in a pinch” category.