Going through my products stash I noticed the expiration date on my LUSH big tease gel was coming up so I popped it into the shower as a reminder to use it up. I also did a search on NC.com for product shelf life and stumbled upon two threads, one of which had me smelling my tub of KCCC. Like one of the posters, I found that my tub has a little bit of a sour scent to it. Crap. Into the shower my tub went as a reminder to use it as well.

While in the shower yesterday I thought to kill two birds with one stone and try layering the lush gel over some KCCC. I cowashed and conditioned with Oyin HH (using a light hand) and scrunched in more Oyin (about 3/4 of a dime). I gently scrunched out a little bit of the drippiness and scrunched in about 5 quarters of KCCC. I scrunched out a bit more water using my Curlease and then scrunched in probably 4 dimes of the big tease gel. My waves were looking fabulous damp. I plopped for about 15 minutes and then diffused with my Sedusa and DevaFuser. The crunch, while pretty intense, wasn’t too difficult to scrunch out and I was left with nice, defined, waves and **curls**! When I met up with my family later that evening for dinner, my sisters exclaimed over how good my hair smelled – something definitely attributed to the LUSH gel. On top of that, the hold was phenomenal, there wasn’t any frizz to speak of, and it lasted all day.

I thought to try out the combo with afroveda’s PUR gelly underneath in lieu of Oyin HH and the results are just as nice, but with a little bit more frizz – another characteristic that I attribute to overuse of the big tease. Back in the day when I first discovered this gel, I was able to get it to work for me. Unfortunately, that’s not the case these days. On Saturday I used the big tease as my sole styler and the result was big, fluffy, rough, undefined hair that just increased in size as the day wore on; it reminded me of my first run with KMF upper management gel. My boyfriend actually noticed it enough to say that the gel definitely wasn’t working for me.

Would I repurchase the Big Tease again? Possibly. It has great hold and a yummy scent to boot but it’s not a styler that can be used on its own.