Protein overload led me to Before I learned how to care for my hair I was using sulfates and a Rusk conditioner LOADED with protein. Needless to say, my hair was not making me happy those days. Frustrated, I googled “how to care  for wavy hair” and the rest is history. My experience was horrible enough to make me shy away from many a conditioner containing protein. My hair responded well to protein-free conditioners so I figured my waves were just fine on the protein end and just needed to be balanced with a good dose of moisture. Over time, I explored with leave-ins containing soy protein amongst a mix of oils, humectants, and emollients. Since my hair seemed to tolerate soy protein, I expanded my current conditioner collection with a couple of conditioners containing moderate amounts of protein but kept my fail-proof moisturizing conditioners ever so close.

The past few days with Oyin HH, my hair was feeling mushy and overly soft when wet – a good indicator of overconditioning. This morning I broke out a conditioner that I had placed at the VERY back of my stash: Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner. My very first Curlmart order included this conditioner which almost every single curly/wavy on was raving about at the time. My hair must not have yet recovered from the protein onslaught I had subjected it to because the minute EMBC touched my tresses, it freaked out. Until today, I hadn’t touched the bottle with a 10 foot pole.

After a cowash, I scrunched in good amount of EMBC and let it sit while I finished the rest of my routine. My hair immediately felt better as I was rinsing it out. The SO and I didn’t have any plans since I was waiting for my Pottery Barn packages to arrive so I just scrunched in the remainer or my homemade FSG and topped it off with some Nexxus rigid gel.

My hair has more life and while it’s still soft, it isn’t’ overconditioned soft – a definite reminder of why maintaing a balance between moisture and protein is so important.