Methinks that is the case with Oyin. How such a light, runny conditioner could make me overconditioned is really surprising but I do feel it to be the case. My hair was really slippery when cowashing and applying only a nickel’s worth of the conditioner to each side and scrunched in upside down. While clumps still formed well when scrunching in afroveda pur gelly, it was still a little too soft for my liking. There is also the possibility that the combo of oyin hh and the gelly was again too much moisture. I’ll have to lay off the oyin for the next couple of days.

I’m still surprised by the nexxus phyto organics rigid gel. Such a small amount (in total, a quarter’s worth for my entire head) still gave good crunch. Unfortunately, my overconditioned hair didn’t hold up well and the crunch and hold started to decrease midday. Luckily, there wasn’t much frizz – just undefined, really soft, loose waves…not a bad thing!