I cowashed, conditioned with Oyin HH and scrunched in a bit more per the icequeen method, rinsed out upside down, scrunched in about 3 dimes of the Afroveda PUR whipped gelly, and stopped it off with two dimes of BRHG scrunched in.

I have to say I’m somewhat taken with this gelly. I definitely cannot use it as a gel because there really isn’t any hold to speak of but when used as a creme/leave in, I found it to be moisturizing and clumping.  The texture is like a thick, chipped cream. It spread easy in my hands and once scrunched in (after scrunching out a little water), clumps were forming. I smoothed/scrunched in a bit of BRHG for hold and I was done.

When my hair dried, there wasn’t a lot of crunch to scrunch out but when I did SOTC, I didn’t lose definition. My hair doesn’t feel producty and while this sample I have is floral scented, Mala went back to the original vanilla scent – a plus. I received a compliment today which was surprising considering I’ve had other, more pronounced, good hair days. One of our administrative staff actually asked me if I get my hair done since she thought it looked really nice.

As for Oyin, I like the moisture it provides but I don’t like how it elongates my wave pattern near the crown. Time will tell if this one is a keeper.