I’ve been toying with the icequeen clumping method and yesterday’s hair was a major success. I cowashed as usual but used AOHR as a rinseout. I wanted to see how MGA  sculpting played with AOHR this time around. I applied conditioner right side up, detangled, flipped over and scrunched in a bit more conditioner. After finishing my regular shower routine, it was back to flipping over to rinse out the conditioner. I raked through with my fingers and again tossed my hair gently to loosen the roots. Only complaint about this method? I still can’t prevent water from entering my nose. Hm…maybe the next time I have my yearly physical for work I’ll ask the nurse if I can just keep the nose clamp I have to use for the stress test.

In any case, I wasn’t really expecting much because the SO and I didn’t have any plans and were just heading to his house for the weekend. Imagine my surprise when I SOTC and saw my hair looking like this:

I was just amazed (and told my SO we had to go out for dinner lest my hair be a total waste).  For the first time, my right side actually looked better than my normally wavier left side! Not only that, but the root volume I had experienced the last time wasn’t a fluke:   I definitely recommend this method if you’re having trouble achieving root volume.