Yesterday I stopped over at Sallys with the intention of simply returning a soft bonnet attachment. When I picked up my Lustrasilk tubs at the Sallys near my work, I thought to search for a deep conditioning heat cap. The sales associate showed me two options: a $30 Gold n’ Hot conditioning heat cap and a $10 Conair Pro soft bonnet attachment. Considering I only do deep treatments every other week, if at that, I took the more economical route. Well, more economical isn’t always good. Sure, on the box the model looks all cheery while her hair is getting conditioned, but there has to be some invisible/clear strap under her chin because that sucker Doesn’t. Stay. On. Luckily I tried it on dry hair – heaven forbid if I were really doing a DT. The minute I turned on my blowdryer, the contraption started to inflate per the picture but once fully inflated, it also proceeded to blow off my head. Nice. I checked out the $30 cap online, but figured that I’d most likely end up stuck next to an outlet. I ended up adding a Hair Therapy Wrap to my recent Curls purchase and am pretty excited to try it out.

While spending more time and money at Sallys than I had intended, I came across the GVP Nexxus Aloe Rid gentle clarifying shampoo (the last bottle and on sale too!). I’ve read some good things about this clarifier on and MUA so I added that to the growing jumble in my shopping basket.

I also perused the skincare aisle and came across a promising eye cream: Beyond Belief VitaC+ nourishing eye treatment. At only $5.99 for 0.5 oz and with an amazing ingreds list, that went into the basket too. Googling ingredients and reading the scant reviews on the line posted at MUA make me feel more confident about my purchase. I’ve used it twice and feel that it provides a good amount of moisture and doesn’t leave a greasy film like over eye creams I’ve tried.  I looked online at other eye treatments Sallys has to offer and this is something I definitely plan on checking out next time: Purist Naturals restoring gingko eye cream. Hopefully the ingredients look just as good as Beyond Belief.

I’ve been noticing a bit more frizz and too-soft hair so today I clarified with my newest acquisition, GVP aloe rid, did a mini treatment with GVP Aussie 3 MM, cowashed with VO5 calming chamomile, and rinsed out AOHR. It’s another stay at home day so I finished the remainder of my homemade FSG and scrunched in about 4 nickels of MGA sculpting gel. I’m not too keen on the rosemary in it (my nose is very sensitive to that) and was surprised by its consistency: for a rather solid looking gel, its quite runny. I was expecting it to be akin to LA Looks gel consistency-wise, but it’s more like LUSH the big tease gel. Since it spread so easily and seemed to disappear into my hair, I wasn’t expecting much hold at all and definition. Boy was I wrong! I just barely diffused thinking to give my hair a break so I fully expected loose, undefined waves. Instead, I got crunch, definition, and some wave boosting. As this is the next gel I’m experimenting with, I’m looking forward to how it plays with my waves tomorrow.