Today’s hair is brought you in part by: a VO5 calming chamomile cowash, AOHR rinse out, and homemade FSG.

I had my ever so understanding boyfriend take these pictures and afterwards was rewarded with this comment, “Your hair looks curly.” I do notice that FSG tightens my wave pattern and while I know it’s not really curly by those in the know, it definitely is a MAJOR difference from what I used to consider a good hair day before coming across and learning what works and what doesn’t for my waves.

Taken almost 2 years ago on what I used to consider a good hair day.

Taken almost 2 years ago on what I used to consider a good hair day.

Back in grade school and high school I wore my hair super short because to have it longer would mean willingly subjecting myself to one of two things: ridicule or everlasting ponytails. I had no idea how to care for my hair back then. I faithfully washed, conditioned, and brushed in hopes that one day my hair would actually do what I wanted it to do. I would envy friends who had glossy straight locks or beautifully controlled curls. My hair was neither one of the two: not yet curly and not quite straight, and determinedly frizzy overall. There were times when I would apply mousse on semi-damp hair and air dry and on those days I got quite a few compliments, but I failed to grasp the fundamental fact that my hair needed moisture. Instead, I was robbing it by daily shampoos, junky conditioners, silicones in an attempt to get smooth hair, and heat. Before I found, my hair routine was this: sulfate shampoo, silicone-laden conditioner, bath towel dry, rake in either Kiehl’s silk groom or Bumble and Bumble curl conscious creme, scrunch, and then top it all off with a generous whirlwind of hairspray. Ick. My hair didn’t look as terrible as the line of products sounds, but god forbid I blow dry it before heading out (I had no idea what a diffuser was back then) or try to run my fingers through my hair once dry. I had a misconception that using gel would make my hair look crispy rather than the soft, touchable waves look that I longed for.

Ever since I stopped abusing my hair and listened to what it wanted, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. Compliments are wonderful but most of all, I love that I LOVE my hair.