Wow. An amazing combo. I’ve been using AOHR for the past few days and really enjoying the slip I get from this heavy, ultra-moisturizing conditioner. I still could do without the florals, but for the slip and conditioning I get I can more than tolerate it.

Yesterday being a rainy, stay at home day, I decided to toy around with using a curl creme underneath my homemade FSG. Since white boots is within the limits of my “controls,” I decided to try two peas underneath a generous helping of my FSG. I cowashed with VO5 calming chamomile, rinsed out AOHR, applied white boots, and topped it off with my homemade FSG. After I scrunched out some excess water and applied Boots, I wasn’t feeling too confident about clumping and wave boosting; my waves looked a little skinny and didn’t clump all too well. I decided to just diffuse and clip as normal because in all honesty, I wasn’t really expecting fab-o results. After scrunching out the crunch I went downstairs and my boyfriend said the following, “Is that homemade gel supposed to do something to your hair because it looks pretty curly.” I checked it out in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see that the waves shrunk and clumped together rather well.

Not too bad! Just to make sure that it wasn’t some freak occurrence, I tried the combo out again but tossed in a white vinegar rinse after my cowash just for kicks. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures due to rather long meetings, but I can say that the combo held up well…and even with it being rainy and all. I did notice a bit more frizz vs. yesterday’s hair but none that would cause too much grief. This is something to definitely keep on playing with!

In other news, I’ve definitely got to curb my PJ. Within the past month I’ve made two purchases from kathymack, tried out BB’s FSG, made two swap board purchases, picked up some items from Sally’s Beauty, and received a package from Curls. Not good…not good at all.