I tried AOHR back in my early days of accepting and learning to care for my wavy hair but as it’s been a while (over a year ago!) and having tried a multitude of products since then, I’ve forgotten exactly what AOHR did for my hair. I’ve been feeling that the protein in the NG rose and persimmon conditioner has been building up in my hair lately, so I thought to add AOHR back into my collection just to try to remember what all the fuss on NC.com was for.

The minute I opened it, I remembered why I wanted to finish the bottle as soon as possible; I cannot stand florals!! Well, I did my cowash with VO5 chamomile, parted my hair and applied AOHR. I did love how my hair seemed to soak it in. Rinsing it out,I definitely noticed a difference in how much slip there was compared to my NG rose and persimmon.

I’ve been using AOHR for two days now and can say that I do think it’s well deserving of the fuss it’s created on NC.com. I’ll still be trying it out with my homemade FSG (still a winner!) to see if I experience any buildup/strand suffocation.