I’m really impressed by BotticelliBabe’s custom made flax seed gel. It’s amazing that something so simple as gel made from boiled flax seeds could rival some of the name brand gels I’ve tried. Granted, the concoction is custom made with a couple of BB’s additional ingredients (magnesium sulfate for curl enhancement, aloe vera for additional moisture, honey or agave nectar for shine and hold, and a variety of beneficial oils and scents) but its nevertheless the simplest of ingredients for a hair gel.

Yesterday I cowashed with VO5 calming chamomile and decided to do an ACV rinse to see if the vinegar is what dries out my scalp when shampooing with a soap bar. The result was a nice smooth feel to my hair prior to applying my ng rose and persimmon rinse out. I then squished out a little bit of excess water and applied about 6 puddles of BB’s FSG to my hair. I was amazed by the clumping action I immediately noticed while scrunching.

About 3.5 hours after diffusing and clipping, I was able to scrunch out the crunch and the result was fabulous boosted, clumpy, frizz-less, soft and defined waves! Huzzah!

I tasked my SO to take a photo immediately after I SOTC using my blackberry. The photo doesnt do the gel justice.

I tasked my SO to take a photo using my blackberry immediately after I SOTC . The photo doesn't do the gel (and what it did for my hair that day) justice.