Wow. I’m seriously impressed by this little homemade gel. Today is the last day of my homemade FSG experiment and since I had about 3 oz left of this sucker without any preservative, I decided to bathe my hair in it. I raked (gasp!), smoothed, and scrunched this snotty mixture in my hair after cowashing with VO5 calming chamomile and rinsing out NG rose persimmon.  Absolutely NO leave ins, or cremes were used in this experiment. Despite my usual routine of adding at the very least a leave in for moisture, I’ve got my 2c waves back today!

I diffused with my Sedusa and clipped as usual, leaving in the clips til my SO and I got to the office (yes, we’re coworkers). At around 8:15ish I was able to SOTC (yes there was crunch!) and the result is nice, super soft, defined, boosted waves that I haven’t seen since mid December. I’m absolutely itching to try my samples of BB’s magical concoction!

ETA: I’m surprised by the clumps I had throughout the day. However, a little bit of frizz did rear its ugly head. It doesn’t look so hot in the picture but trust me, it’s WAY better than the past week’s hair! Oy vey…I need to get a trim.