I was so anxious waiting for my order of BotticelliBabe’s custom made FSG that I decided to actually try my hand at the homemade gel. My very first batch came out WAY too runny so I decided to boil the seeds a little bit longer to get a more “snot-like” texture.

After last night’s DT with my remaining sweet almond oil, I washed with creme of nature, conditioned with Nature’s Gate persimmon rose, and applied two 1/2 dimes of white boots curling creme. Because the FSG is runnier than most gels I’m used to, I ended up using about 1/2 of the 3 oz bottle I had poured the cooled FSG into.

I’m a bit on the fence about how it turned out; its has surprisingly good frizz reduction and slight crunch but not enough to boost my waves. I ended up with more 2b waves than my usual 2c at my current hair length (1 in. past BSL). I plan on trying the FSG without the boots tomorrow to see if the creme reduced its hold. After two more days experimenting with my own homemade FSG, I plan to move on to BB’s.