I truly feel that Markey’s skincare products have changed the look, tone, and texture of my skin. My skin is so much smoother, fine lines are disappearing, and the occasional blemish vanishes in less than 2 days.

My current routine consists of the the following items:


  1. wash in the shower with mild n clean castile cleanser
  2. post shower, spritz face with distilled H20 and apply salicylic acid (let sit for 10 or so min) and PSF phyto-lift eye gel
  3. spritz again with H20 and apply dropper full of homemade Vitamin C serum
  4. spritz with H20 and apply HA and conditioning oil mix
  5. apply gow scar cream (less than a pinkie nail size) mixed with 3 spritzes of basil leaf hydrosol
  6. apply sunscreen


  1. wash face with skin friendly cleanser using Earth Therapeutics natural anti-bacterial complexion mitt
  2. tone with basil hydrosol
  3. apply 2 drops of GoW go away circles serum to under eye and seal with PSF phyto-lift
  4. at this stage I either exfoliate with mandelic acid, AHA, or apply an antioxidant
  5. spritz with distilled H20
  6. apply my HS and conditioning oil mix
  7. and seal it all in with GoW scar cream or the veggie cream with azulene sometimes mixed with coconut cream

My treatment items are the GoW alternate rosacea serum, original rosacea serum, and the anti-pop up gel.  I’ve used manuka honey on spots with some success. Even my SO agreed to try honey on a spot and was surpised to see how well it worked!

I know it sounds like a lot of steps and believe me, when I first started out on this routine I was a bit overwhelmed by all the bottles. But nothing has truly changed my skin as much as GoW products have. But lest I sound like I’m getting paid to promote the GoW line, I have experienced a few duds which I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about: the strawberry cleanser, fruity exfo cleanser, and the elecampagne hydrosol. Also, the clarifying tonic didn’t do much for me nor has the summer serum, liposod serum, yarrow hydrosol, majik azulene and lemony mint cleansers are somewhat mediocre in my book. Every time I browse the GoW finished products page, I’m tempted to just plunk down another $100 on fabulous products. Unfortunately, I’ve done that one too many times and now have an entire fridge shelf donated to GoW products to help extend their shelf life.

If there is one item that I would definitely attribute my glowing skin to, its pomegranate oil. This sucker really helps to balance my skin and smooth out any fine lines. Even the fine lines I was beginning to see under my eyes are disappearing!

I haven’t posted too many pages on skincare items, relatively speaking, but between GoW and Camellia Rose skincare items, I have no wish to try any other product line.