Consists of a wash with 8 pumps of Wen sweet almond mint cleanser followed by 2 pumps of my new love, hsh pumpkin potion leave in, and my gel mix du jour: 2 quarters of mop top anti frizz mixed with a 2 nickels of gvp pm extra body sculpting gel. The result after scrunching in the gel was RIDICULOUS clumpage! Unfortunately, the weight of my hair in the big clumps actually stretched them out so they’re now elongated, clumpy waves. Not bad, but I did prefer the boosting I saw after diffusing with my Sedusa (medium heat, medium fan setting) earlier today. It’s about 9 hours after doing my hair and it’s a bit frizzier than I’d like it to be and somewhat dull.

I was a bit skeptical of the whole Wen cleansing system initially but I have to admit I’m pretty surprised. Sure, it’s essentially just cowashing but there’s something different about it. My hair doesn’t feel oily at the roots like it did when I was just cowashing and conditioning the length (straight CG) and while it does have the dreaded wheat protein, my hair isn’t rebelling like it did when I used CJ coffee coco creme as the only protein containing item in my current hair styling arsenal. It’s only the 2nd day of use, so we shall see how it holds up over time. I don’t plan on following the instructions and using massive amounts of this conditioner no matter how thick or long my hair is. 8 pumps suits me just fine. I’m a sucker for the minty scent and it gives a good amount of slip that lasts after rinsing it out.

As for mop top, I definitely think this is a keeper not only as a curl booster but for days when I’d prefer a lighter hold and for mixing into really thick, goopy gels. Mixed with the gvp pm gel, mop top turned it into a more spreadable, mucous-like gel somewhat reminiscent of KCCC. I’ll tweak with the gvp pm:mop top ratios to find what works best.