I finally rid myself of tigi mm. My dear, dear SO took the offending bottle off my hands so I got the chance to try out the Curls asian hair tea and now I’m trying my Jessicurl WDT as a rinse out.

Today I did a sulfate clarifying shampoo to rid my hair of the tigi nasties. Conditioned with 4 quarters of WDT, and applied 2 half dollars of JCRR and JCCC mixed with a nickel’s worth of mop top anti frizz gel. I applied 2 nickels of gvp pm extra body gel for extra hold. My hair has good body and feels lighter without that much gel but there is frizz and not much wave boosting.

In other news, I have found a leave in that I just might be adding to my “hits” category: healthy sexy hair pumpkin potion leave in. It smells yummy and provides a good amount of moisture. Yesterday was a stay at home day so I cowashed with Suave toasted vanilla and sugar (yes, back to cowashing!), rinsed out WDT, applied 1 pump of pumpkin potion on each side of my head, and scrunched in 2 quarters of mop top anti frizz. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice, light (but not too light) hold of the mop top and the wave enhancement of the pumpkin potion. I ended up having to run an emergency errand at the last minute and I must say that my hair looked rather decent for a trip out to Verizon Wireless.

I’m back to cowashing again. Not every day and probably not every other day but at least once or twice a week. I started to feel like shampoo bars and the required ACV rinse was drying out my hair. Granted, I was doing it every day. Now, I’m thinking I’ll rotate between the bars + ACV, low poo (currently creme of nature), and cowashing. It will help me use up all the Suave and VO5 I’ve accumulated, as well as all the low poos.